Spinach bologneseIt wasn’t seaweed, it was spinach (pictured), which was swiftly extracted by a shrieking BB and left on the side of the plate along with my latest attempt to get her to eat more veg.

Basically, with the exception of carrots, if it looks like a vegetable then forget it. The baby led weaning days in which she happily sucked on green beans and chased mushrooms around the plate with her podgy baby fingers are long gone, and everything must now be diced within an inch of its life (also pictured).

Eat Your Veg

My litany of tricks, and there are many, include sneaking carrot and butternut squash into mashed potato (‘but mummy mashed potato should be white’), grating broccoli and courgette into savoury muffins and baking them in brightly coloured cupcake cases and mashing everything from celery to red pepper into tomato sauces.

So I was pleased to discover a new website where mums like me can share their hide-the-veg tips, called EatYourVeg.org

It’s basically an online library of ways to get kids to eat vegetables, and pearls of wisdom from other mums include:

1. Using a food processor to chop spinach really finely before adding to scrambled eggs to produce ‘green eggs’

2. Telling them broccoli florets are dinosaur trees

3. Encouraging them to chop veg with scissors ‘I Can Cook’ style – apparently the novelty value alone will make them eat them

4. Sneak parsnips and sweet potatoes alongside potatoes when making homemade chips

5. Challenge them to a fast-eating vegetable contest

You can also share your own tips, and upload pics of your success stories to Facebook and Instagram.

I feel a challenge coming on…

Little Hearts, Big Love