Crummy Mummy feeding BBIt is a truth universally acknowledged among breast feeding mums that the time will come to wave goodbye to boob and hello to the rest of your life. The only question is: when? For me, 17 months and 5 days since it all started, the end is nigh. By choice? Yes. How do I feel about it? Not sure. Hence my reason for starting this blog.

When BB was born in August 2011 I was determined to breast feed come what may, and luckily for us we both took to it like a duck to water. In fact, it turns out it couldn’t have been easier. Time marched on, as it tends to do, and here we are almost 18 months later, still on up to six feeds a day.

‘What’s wrong with that?’ I hear you cry. Well, nothing, except that I’m at the end of my rope in terms of sleep deprivation, and nutritionally I really don’t think she needs it anymore. So the plan is to gently wean her off the boob by the time she is two. Which gives me just over six months. Plenty of time, surely?

Giving up the boob has given me time to reflect on what I have learnt since I first started whipping them out. Of the many, many things, here are five, in no particular order:

1) There is no such thing as the witching hour. No more running to the loo without looking out of the window in the small hours for me anymore. That time of the night when the rest of the world is sleeping apart from you and your tiny human hot water bottle is anything but scary.
2) I finally understand the need for pyjamas. Especially between November and March.
3) Never feed your baby in the ‘mothers’ room’ of a shop or supermarket. Ever. The smell of the nappy bin will be with you for days.
4) A DD cup bra size isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Even if your other half thinks it is.
5) Who would have thought you could not only grow a baby for nine months, but for another six months afterwards using nothing but breast milk alone? Quite amazing.

So in order to buoy myself up for giving up, I’m going to come up with five good reasons why. Easy peasy.

Just give me a day or so…