Stress free holiday with the kidsI’m pleased to report we managed to avoid burning the house down following our sojourn in Spain. So here are my top tips for a stress free holiday with the kids (and husband) in tow:

1) Don’t book seats with a budget airline when your other half is more than six foot four inches tall and prone to bouts of bad temperedness. Misery Guts was (happily) filling in a complaints form just 45 minutes into our flight.

2) Go on holiday with as many friends or family members you can muster (and tolerate) in order to be able to relax on a sun lounger (pictured). Many hands make light work.

3) A beach holiday is the perfect opportunity for nappy off time, but do make sure you have a potty to hand.

4) Don’t eat out at higher end restaurants when you’ve got a toddler high on chocolate petit filous and ice cream. It’s a waste of money.

5) Don’t buy chocolate petit filous.