JCB mainBibs. I’ve never been a particular fan of bibs – they’ve always been surplus to requirements in our house because when it comes to meal times baby led weaning means we need either total coverage of clothes or no clothes on at all (the kids, not me) and neither BB or Little B have been particularly drooly so dribble bibs haven’t been needed either.

That is until I had a boy and discovered bandana bibs. Everyone always says there’s less choice and cuteness when it comes to boys’ clothes compared to girls, but I disagree. I’ve found dinosaur and digger patterned bandanas the perfect finishing touch for Little B’s outfits, and I think you’ll agree he looks super cute (pictured).

We were sent these Zippy JCB bandana bibs to review from kids clothing brand Zippy, which has teamed up with JCB to mark its 70th anniversary and created a range of bibs featuring Joey JCB and Elvis Excavator (my personal fave).

I prefer bold colours over baby blue and these come in bright red, blue, green and yellow with two poppers at the back so they can’t yank them off. If you do have a drooly baby they should do the trick in the teething department too as they have a 100% cotton front and a fleecy lining on the back which should absorb the moisture, unlike others we’ve had.

I’ve also found they wash well – the finish is a high quality with neat stitching and a little JCB label, not bad for £12 for a set of four, or £3 each.

With his first birthday at the end of the month Little B is also getting it on the blogging front – check out his catalogue pose when I was taking photos for the review!


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