The other day I got the chance to enjoy one of those very rare things: a lunch out with the girls to which no children or partners were invited.

What has this got to do with baby wipes I hear you cry? Well, read on.

10 alternative uses for a baby wipe!


The day before the said lunch I sent my friends this gif saying I didn’t know what I was more excited about: the prospect of a child-free lunch or going out without needing to wear breastfeeding friendly clothes and take a bag stuffed with nappies.

After messaging back various different emojis – most of which involved hand clapping and bottles of fizz popping – one of my friends very sagely reminded me not to forget the baby wipes.

She’s quite right of course. How did we ever survive without baby wipes? They’re one of the many baby items I use for me and I use them for all sorts, most recently to wedge between the back of my ankle and the back of my shoe when I rubbed up a blister. It was just the ticket, so soft and cool and soothing.

I even get a bit panicky if I know we’ve only got one more unopened packet of our trusty wipes left in the house (I know, it’s just another one of the weird things I worry about now I’m a mum).

I know I’m not the only one who uses baby wipes for all sorts too, so I asked some fellow bloggers for the best alternative uses for a baby wipe they have and here’s what they said.

10 alternative uses for a baby wipe!

1. To remove make up. “It even works on my waterproof mascara. I figure if it’s ok for my baby’s bum then it’s ok for my face!” says Nyomi at Nomipalony

2. To get stains off carpet. “A carpet fitter once told me they were the best thing and I now agree!” says Lynette at Reclusive Fox

3. Getting stains off silk. “I used one to get car exhaust dust off a bride’s wedding dress when I was photographing a wedding once. It was pretty effective on silk,” says Janet at Falcondale Life

4. Getting pet hair off the sofa. “They get pet hair off our leather sofa like nothing else – hair magnets!” says Emma at Ready, Freddie, Go!

5. Making the school uniform last until the end of the week. “They are the best invention ever (well, they’re up there!)” says Nicola at Woman In Progress

6. Cleaning school shoes. “Especially when you notice how bad the school shoes look two minutes before leaving!” says Kelly at The Best Version Of Kelly

7. Cleaning window seals. “Does the job like nothing else,” says Polly at Our Seaside Baby

8. Sticking down envelopes. “Use them to wet the part you usually lick,” says Katy at KatyKicker

9. Wiping yourself down. “I used mine to wipe myself down after a run in town yesterday. There wasn’t a shower so it was the next best thing,” says Hannah at East Sussex Mummy

10. To use as a small white flag of surrender. “To surrender to your baby as he screams/covers you in poo/pukes continuously and you just can’t take it any more,” says Frances at Whinge Whinge Wine

Do you have any alternative uses for a baby wipe? I’d love to hear what they are!

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