Is it snowing where you are?

We’ve had the first proper snowfall in five years in our neck of the woods and the first in BB and Little B’s memory, so needless to say there’s much excitement in our house.

fun snow games

School is closed, pretty much everything has ground to a halt and the world and his wife are outside having fun in the snow.

Given it could well be another five years before it happens again I’m keen to make the most of it and for BB and Little B to have the sort of memories I remember having when was I little. So I asked some fellow mums and dads for their favourite snow games and added them to my own to bring you 10 fun snow games for big kids and little kids!

10 fun snow games for big kids & little kids!

1. Make snow ice cream. “All you need is three ingredients: a large bowl of fresh clean snow, a tin of sweetened condensed milk and a tea spoon of vanilla extract,” says Sara at Mum Turned Mom. “Just mix them all together and eat immediately!”

2. Make snow cupcakes. “Stuffing snow inside cupcake trays and adding colouring make for fun building blocks,” says Veronica at My Parenting Journey.

fun snow games

3. Go snow painting. “’Paint’ the snow with food colouring mixed with water, or watercolour paint and water,” says Carol at Family Makes. “Spraying it out of a spray gun is good fun too!”

4. Make snow animals. “Use googly eyes, pom poms and pipe cleaners to make little snow animals,” says Lianne at Anklebiters Adventures.

fun snow games

5. Make ice bubbles. If the temperature drops below 32 degrees, blow bubbles with their bubble wands and watch them freeze on the wand.

6. Make snow sandcastles. We live by the sea so have buckets and spades aplenty – and they’re not just good for sand! Fill them with snow, tip them up and give them a tap and voila: your own snow sandcastles!

fun snow games

7. Go on a treasure hunt. Freeze coloured water into ice cubes, hide them around the garden and let them loose.

8. Play pin the nose on the snowman. Think pin the nose on the donkey, but with a snowman.

fun snow games

9. Create a maze. It helps to have snow a couple of feet deep for this one, but if it’s not never fear: simply stamp out a path with your feet and they’re ready to go.

10. Make snow angels. Perfect after fresh snowfall, the whole family can lay down and use their arms to make wings.

fun snow games

Have you had snow in your neck of the woods? What are your favourite family-friendly games to play in the snow?

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