Regular readers will know we live by the sea.

When I say by the sea, I mean right by the sea. The only buildings between us and the water are beach huts.

5 bad things about living by the sea

People always tell me how lucky we are – and I know we are. There’s the sandy toes and salty kisses – among my 10 best baby firsts – there’s making s’mores on the beach and of course there’s the view.

But the thing is it’s not all sun, sea and sunsets.

There are downsides to living by the sea too, things I’m reminded of every year when the sun comes out. In no particular order:

5 bad things about living by the sea

1. It’s ageing. With the south coast of England the closest to continental Europe we get lots of sunshine, and after almost five years living at the seaside I’m sure I look like I’ve aged 10 (although to be fair that could be down to motherhood and the ways pregnancy changes your face). People start saying ‘ooo where have you been?’ as early as March because despite using face cream with SPF 30 and slapping on the sun lotion you catch the rays just walking to the shops. Goodness knows how much living by the sea is prematurely ageing me.

2. It plays havoc with your hair. Especially if you’re prone to frizz. For at least half of the year there’s absolutely no point doing your hair owing to howling wind, mizzle and swirling sea mist which get you the second you step out of the front door. Think Bridget Jones in the first movie when she emerges from an open top car with Hugh Grant.

5 bad things about living by the sea

3. Sand. It gets absolutely everywhere. In the carpets, up their bums and in the beds. You’re never, ever quite rid of it.

4. Ice cream. Like the sand it’s everywhere, which is not good for the waistline. The ice cream to child (and parent) ratio must surely be higher among those living by the sea compared to those living in other parts of the country.

5. You can’t park outside – or even near – your own house thanks to holiday makers, day trippers and tourists. I’m not looking forward to that with three kids and shopping this year.

Do you live by the sea and do you face similar obstacles? Or do you have no sympathy for me whatsoever?!! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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