Travelling with kids. As a mum of three the words ‘travelling’ and ‘with kids’ aren’t words I tend to relish in the same sentence – especially when you’ve got one who’s prone to chunder.

In addition to the will-they-won’t-they chunder factor there’s the umpteen ‘are we nearly there yets’, the countless ‘I need the loos’ and the inevitable ‘I’m so boooooored’.

travelling with kids

So how can you make travelling with kids – whether it’s by car, bus, train or plane – easier?

Having recently spent a week on the road in a camper van I’m determined to make the travelling bit of our next trip easier, so I asked 10 fellow parenting bloggers to share their tried and tested nifty gadgets to make travelling with kids 10 times easier.

10 nifty gadgets to make travelling with kids 10 times easier

1. Trunki ride-on suitcases. “We’re big fan of Trunki’s here!” says Laura at Five Little Doves. “The kids can sit on them and scoot along which is one less bag for us parents to carry, and it keeps the kids entertained too!”

2. A SnoozeShade for prams and pushchairs. “It keeps baby/toddler safe in the sun and can be used in so many ways if you get creative,” says Hannah at Hi Baby Blog. “It’s super handy during actual journeys to shield light from windows on planes or cars, and also helps them nap on the go which is essential for me as I don’t want to be tied to a routine.”

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3. A Gro-Anywhere blackout blind. “A gro-blackout blind was a saviour when my girls were babies and trying to get them to nap in a different bedroom to their own,” says Bath at Twinderelmo. “It folds down really small too so is easy to take with you.”

4. Fly Legsup flight hammocks. “Fly Legsup are fantastic for long haul flights,” says Hayley at I Am River. “Just attach it to the tray and your child’s chair converts into a bed! I wouldn’t be without it now.” 

5. Trunki Boostapak car seats. “They’re a backpack they can put their things in and it converts to a car seat. So much easier and cheaper than hiring a seat from car hire companies,” says Kristie at Mammaprada.

6. Kindle Fire tablets. “We love Kindle Fire tablets for long car journeys. We download their favourite films and games onto them and it keeps them entertained when the novelty of i-spy etc has worn off!” says Hayley at Miss Manypennies.

 travelling with kids

7. Personalised back packs. “Our favourite item is their own little backpack filled with lots of little things to keep them entertained,” says Vicki at TippyTupps. “Think snacks, books, puzzles, little toys to open, colouring books and crayons. The key is lots of little things so they can open one, play with it then move onto the next thing.”

8. Stacking cups. “A simple set of stacking cups are perfect for taking away,” says Emily at Emily and Indiana. “The kids love to play with them in the bath, pool or sand and they are handy for hair washing too!”

 travelling with kids

9. JVC Tinyphones headphones. “They are ideal for both kids to plug into an iPad each and not annoy us/each other/other passengers as we travel,” says Victoria at Lylia Rose. “They listen to music, stories and play games and they also love the headphones which came with stickers to personalise them and look so cool!”

10. Easy Xplorer trays. “The Easy Xplorer trays for long car journeys have been a great addition for us,” says Jemma at Have Kids Will Travel. “A lovely play scene plus colouring sheets that can be done again and again and a handy space for snacks, toys and a drink.”

And for those who need a little extra help…

It’s not just folding car seats and hammocks you can get to fit in small spaces. Mobility company Fenetic Wellbeing have launched a #FoldAndGo campaign championing the benefits of electric, folding wheelchairs which can be portable and space saving just like any other travel essential. So whether your destination is just down the road or further afield there’s no reason not to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors this summer!

Do you have any nifty gadgets that make your life easier when travelling with kids? I’d love to know what they are!

This is post was written in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing.

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