It’s that time of year again.

The school holidays are upon us, and at the time of writing there’s six looong weeks to get through until they’re over.

school holidays

As a freelance journalist summer is one of the busiest times of the year for me, because everyone goes on holiday so more work is freelanced out, and because I can’t down tools I find the school holidays can be something of an ordeal.

Perhaps it’s because as a mum of three I’m outnumbered, or perhaps it’s because I work from home – probably both – either way, I find there are certain signs the school holidays have started, certain inescapable truths, whether it’s summer, Easter, Christmas or half term.

10 sure-fire signs the school holidays have started

1. The weather. After weeks, if not months, of glorious sunshine, you can put money on the start of the school holidays bringing with them rain, rain and more rain.

2. There are kids everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Who knew there were so many kids?

school holidays

3. You develop The Look. The one that you and only fellow parents know. The one that says ‘I know, and there are still five weeks to go’.

4. You shell out money hand over fist and have precisely nothing to show for it. Except maybe whinging kids who still aren’t happy.

school holidays

5. Your food bill goes through the roof. Who knew they could eat so much? It doesn’t cost this much in term time – it simply doesn’t make sense!

6. You suddenly realise the only clothes that actually fit them properly is their school uniform. And you have to spend even more money kitting them out with something that does.

school holidays

7. The washing. That goes through the roof too. Literally.

8. All rules go out of the window. Like screen time and sugar. Anything for a quiet life.

school holidays

9. There’s zero point trying to keep the house tidy in the daytime. Save your breath and let them get on with it.

10. Dens pop up in living rooms across the country. Save your breath and let them get on with that too, however bonkers it drives you.

school holidays

Is it summer holiday time in your house too? How’s it going so far? Do tell!

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