What did you learn in 2018?

With the first full week of 2019 underway I’ve had a chance to look back on the last year and all the things I learnt – which made me realise there are also rather a lot of things I wish I hadn’t!

things I learnt

They say there’s no bigger learning curve in life than being a parent, and seven years and three babies later I’m realising just how true that actually is.

On the whole 2018 was a great year for us as a family, but there are one or two things I wish I hadn’t had the pleasure of discovering. In no particular order.

10 things I learnt in 2018 – & wish I hadn’t!

1. Apparently going out in pyjamas makes me lazy mum (not out out, obviously, I mean to the ‘little’ supermarket in the evening in the dark). I posed the question and while opinion was divided, the consensus was that I am indeed lazy!

2. Eczema is horrible. Just when you think you’ve cracked it, the temperature drops, the heating comes on and you’re back where you started.

3. Taking them for jabs doesn’t get any easier. In fact, it gets worse.

4. Attempting to potty train the middle one was a complete waste of time. I shouldn’t have bothered – prompting me to share why I won’t potty train my youngest.

things I learnt

5. Sleep deprivation really is cumulative. I’ve been breastfeeding baby number three for almost two years now and I’m on my knees. The trouble is giving up isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

6. The NHS is amazing. I knew this already, but had it reaffirmed after taking the littlest one to A&E with breathing difficulties, later diagnosed as ‘infant wheeze’ after a two-night stay in hospital.

7. Post baby hair has a life of its own. And there’s not really much you can do about it.

8. The council will fine you for taking your child out of school. Even if it isn’t for a holiday and is for a jolly good reason.

things I learnt

9. A holiday with three kids isn’t a holiday. After two weeks ‘off’ in the summer we needed another holiday!

10. Hand, foot & mouth disease isn’t something cows get. It’s something babies get, and like eczema it’s horrible.

things I learnt

Is there anything you learnt in 2018 and wish you hadn’t? I’d love to hear what it is!

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