Got a little one who suffers from eczema? Does their skin get worse in the winter months?

If so and you’re wondering what to do about it then read on!

eczema flare ups

Eczema flares up because the skin can’t stay moist on its own. Add to that dry air when the heating is switched on, extra layers of clothing and thicker blankets and winter can be an eczema sufferer’s – and their unwitting parents’ – worst nightmare.

Last summer I revealed how we ‘cured’ our littlest one’s eczema – and we did, it virtually disappeared – but as soon as summer turned into autumn and autumn turned into winter it’s a different story.

Angry red patches of eczema have appeared again in the creases of her arms and on the baby soft skin on her tummy, patches she can’t resist itching – especially at night.

eczema flare ups

So, what can be done about it? After lots of trial (and error) I think I’ve finally got it back under control with the help of some hero products and by sticking to a few simple rules. So, if any of the above sounds familiar here’s how we’ve been coping with eczema flare-ups in the winter months.

Coping with eczema flare ups in the winter months

eczema flare ups


1. Don’t bath them too often. And when you do, make sure the bath isn’t too hot. Heat and washing too often dries the skin out, which we’ve already established is bad news.

2. Don’t rub skin with a towel. Pat it dry instead.

3. Don’t dress them in material that irritates the skin or causes them to overheat. So avoid fabric made from nylon and wool and go for breathable cotton instead.


1. Add moisturising products to the bath. My hero products include Childs Farm’s range of bubble bath (£4 but it’s often on offer) made from natural ingredients and essential oils (check out their new blueberry & mango flavour, it smells divine).

2. Use good quality shampoo. My latest find is Mustela’s gentle shampoo (£4.99), which is especially designed for babies and smells gorgeous (think that clean, soap smell rather than a fragrance). If you haven’t heard of Mustela before they do 4 ranges of skincare for babies from birth onwards depending on their skin type: normal, dry skin, very sensitive skin and atopic-prone skin (that’s eczema).

eczema flare ups

3. Use moisturiser. We have all manner of pots and potions on prescription from the doctor, but I prefer to use products that are as natural as possible. One of my favourite brands is Salcura’s Bioskin Junior range, which includes a daily nourishing spray (£11.99) and an outbreak rescue cream (£9.99) for those stubborn patches. (If you haven’t used them before we’ve got a discount code for 15% off your first order).

So, by following a combination of the above we’re managing to keep the littlest one’s eczema under control through the winter months. As you can see she’s rather happy about it – and happy baby = happy mummy!

eczema flare ups

Are you fighting eczema flare ups this winter? Do you have any hints or tips? I’d love to know what they are!

We were gifted a selection of products by Mustela, one of which I have mentioned in this post alongside Childs Farm and Salcura’s Bioskin Junior, which are brands I continue to champion. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience, and I would never recommend products I don’t truly love myself.

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