Has your hair changed since having a baby?

If so you’re not the only one: and the million-dollar question is what can you do about it?

post baby hair

A bit like my body and my face my hair just isn’t the same since becoming a mum, and a I seriously doubt whether it will ever be the same again.

What with the pregnancy and the hormones and the sleep deprivation and the breastfeeding: it’s hardly conducive to luscious locks when you think about it.

So what can be done? You’ll be pleased to hear all is not lost! Here’s the truth about post baby hair – and what you can do about it.

The truth about post baby hair (& what to do about it)

1. Sprouts. I don’t mean the hard green vegetable kind, I mean the fluffy new hair kind, which appear randomly anywhere from your hairline to behind your ears.

The solution:

Straighten them to within an inch of their life with straighteners. Or ignore them. Or wear a hat.

2. Grease. Forget new baby glow, why does nobody tell you hormones can turn your hair teenager greasy? And the more you wash it, the worse it gets.

The solution:

Try out different shampoos. I switched from my usual shampoo to a new one and got my gloss back almost straight away.

3. Hair loss. Everyone tells you to expect your hair to fall out around four months post partum – or longer if you’re breastfeeding – but what I didn’t expect was patches. Bald patches. I only discovered this when this photo was taken of me and the littlest one – can you see the thinning and patches around my hairline? And it’s worse on the other side.

post baby hair

The solution:

Hair extensions. A bit like a boob job hair extensions are something I would never have considered pre baby, but now I’m a mum I say never say never. If you’ve got patchy bits like me or thinning hair ClipHair offer clip-in as well as tape-in hair extensions by post, and they very kindly sent me a full head set to try out.

post baby hair

They have up to 50 shades made from 100% Remy human hair from full head (£49.99 – £74.99 depending on length) to ‘top up’ pieces, fringes and pony tails and they come with little clips along the top which you simply clip into your hair. Although I was sent a full head set I really only need them at the back to make a difference – for now, anyway.

Can you spot them? Me neither.

post baby hair

4. Greys. Or should I say whites. After baby number three mine started turning almost overnight, worst luck.

The solution:

Dye it. If you haven’t dyed it before now’s the time to start. It’s either that or go au naturel.

5. There’s no time for styling. Or not every day anyway (those of you who still manage it deserve a Blue Peter badge). And apart from not having time to style it, there’s the where-can-I-safely-leave-the-straighteners conundrum (answer: nowhere).

The solution:

The mum bun. Simple, hassle free and no fuss. As seen on all mums everywhere.

Have you experienced any of these post baby hair symptoms? Have you tried out hair extensions before? I’d love to hear your experience!

This is a collaborative post.

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