This time last year I wrote a post on 10 things I’d learnt in one month as a mum of four.

We were two months into the first lockdown, I was *supposed* to be homeschooling the older ones while getting to grips with having a newborn again and little did I know quite what the next year would have in store…

mum of four

In the sleep deprived fug of the first month of new motherhood that post included things like two crying at the same time being nothing (it still isn’t) and head counting becoming routine (it still is).

Now that a year has passed and Violet is one I thought it would be fun to share 10 things I’ve discovered after 12 months as a mum of four – like what happens when people ask if we’re having any more!

10 things I’ve discovered after one year as a mum of four!

1. Everything has to be exactly the same

There’s absolutely no point getting each of them a different flavour ice cream or a different colour balloon – everything has to be exactly the same or it’s ‘not fair’ and all hell breaks loose. What’s more, any slight variation in colour, size or style will be noted and held against you for the rest of your life so you wish you’d never bothered in the first place.

2. Alphabites are the best invention ever

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: alphabites are the Best. Invention. Ever. Especially when you use them to write swear words they can’t read to let off steam at tea time (your steam I mean, not theirs).

3. One or two more kids don’t make any difference

I don’t mean one or two more of your own kids, I mean one or two more of other people’s who come to play. Now that we’ve got four kids in the house one or two more who come for playdates don’t make any difference because it’s chaos anyway. In some ways having five or six actually makes things easier, because the ones who’ve come to play help entertain and occupy the little ones.

4. People love to ask if we’re having any more

And I have a one word answer: no! I love them to the moon and back and my heart is bursting, but our family is very definitely complete.

5. You pick your battles

Like letting your fournado go on a muddy country walk in pink glittery sandals even though you know they’ll have to go in the bin afterwards. Because it’s just not worth the showdown if you don’t.

6. Twinning with girls is the best fun ever

If you’d asked me 10 years ago if I’d be one of those matchy matchy mums I’d have given a very firm no – but that was until I had three girls! It turns out twinning is so much fun – I’d even twin with Max if I could. Sorry not sorry!

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7. You think you’ve seen it all – but you haven’t

Like gold poppers at the centre of babgrows so you know which one is the middle. Thus avoiding poppering (I think that’s a word) the whole thing up only to discover you missed one, and have to undo it all and repopper. Genuis!

8. There are shoes everywhere

I shudder to think how many pairs of shoes we have in our house when you take into account wellies, trainers, school shoes and football boots to name but a few. I’m constantly tripping over them and there’s always at least one odd one you can’t find. The pain is real!


9. The washing machine & dishwasher are always on

And if they’re not on, they should be!

10. Our food bill has gone through the roof

And no matter how much I try to keep costs down, the big shop keeps on going up (Misery Guts blames Brexit, but I’m pretty sure four kids has quite a lot to do with it too). Sometimes we’re on our third loaf of bread by a Wednesday – I honestly don’t know where they put it!


Do you have a large family and is there anything you’ve discovered? I’d love to know what it is!

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