When was the last time you had a bit of quality me-time? (And no going for a wee in peace doesn’t count!)

Last week? Last month? Last year? If you can’t remember, then this post is for you!

mental health

As mums (and dads!) it can be so easy being so busy looking after everyone else that you forget or don’t have the time to look after yourself, but the truth is you can’t carry on looking after everyone else if nobody is looking after you.

Of course, even though we know it’s important to consciously take time out to recharge our batteries, finding the time for meaningful me-time is easier said than done. (In an ideal world I’d love to be able to book a spa break and have a weekend off every month or two, but in reality that’s not practical – or affordable!) Which is where Wellbox wellbeing gift boxes come in.

mental health

Wellbox deliver food, drink and wellbeing boxes direct to your door which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you. They very kindly gifted me a wellbeing box to help spread the word about their service, which is designed to remind the recipient to take time out to look after themselves.

Looking after my mental health with Wellbox

There are all sorts of gift boxes available from employee appreciation boxes to welcome back boxes now many of us are returning to offices after lockdown. With each box sold, Wellbox makes a donation to either a local homeless shelter or the mental health charity MIND.

I was gifted a ‘relax’ box (starting from £21.11 + VAT) which included:

  • Himalayan crystal bath salts
  • Shearer Egyptian cotton scented candle
  • Sleep spray
  • Belgian chocolate drops
  • Teapigs tea bags
  • Vegan lip balm
  • A positive affirmation postcard
  • A £1 donation to MIND
mental health

What did I think?

The first thing to strike me about my Wellbox was the smell – it smelt divine! It quickly transpired this was thanks to a combination of Corinne Taylor Himalayan bath salts, which are made with a blend of essential oils including coconut, sweet orange, grapefruit and ylang ylang, and an Egyptian cotton scented candle. The whole thing smelt like a spa in a box!

mental health

Apart from the lovely smell, I was greeted with a positive affirmation card reminding me I am amazing. And do you know what? Yes, yes I am! I’ve put the card on my desk as a little boost for all the times I feel like I’m doing too many things and none of them well – which is quite a lot!

mental health

The truth is opening the box and seeing the products inside served as a gentle reminder that I can’t remember the last time I had a proper bit of pamper time – I’m pretty sure it was before the first lockdown and the arrival of Violet at the start of the pandemic.

mental health

Everything inside is in individual sachets meaning I can use them together, one at a time or one or two at a time depending on how much time I have available – which doesn’t tend to be much as a mum of four!

mental health

My favourite item inside has to be the bath salts, which were a real treat. They looked and smelt so extravagant and using them felt good!

I also love the fact that receiving the box means the mental health charity MIND has received a £1 donation to help give more people in need access to their resources and services, so buying one means you’re also giving something back.

mental health

All in all I think a Wellbox will make a great gift whether you’re buying just one for a friend or a box for a whole team – I certainly loved receiving mine!

I was gifted a Wellbox wellbeing box in exchange for this post. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.

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