Hands up who fancies being on lockdown in a two bedroom flat with three kids and no garden?

Me neither – but that’s the situation we’ve found ourselves in at Crummy Mummy HQ. And funnily enough it’s taught me a thing or two about my family.


I’ll be honest: for the first time ever I’ve found myself questioning whether we’ve had too many kids. I’ve also eaten far too much chocolate, and am grateful for the fact I’m almost 40 weeks pregnant and can’t take the edge off with vats of wine, because if I could I would.

Of course, lockdown is tough for everyone and I don’t pretend we’re any different to anyone else (although I could cheerfully throttle the people with huge gardens still moaning about it on social media!)

So, in a bid to lighten the mood I thought I’d share a tongue-in-cheek post on things lockdown has taught me about my family – some good, some bad and some ugly!

10 things lockdown has taught me about my family

1. We’re not morning people

Not having to wake up with an alarm and get three kids out of the door by 8.15am is definitely a silver lining in all this. It’s been at least 10.30am before we’re up, fed, washed and dressed each day – and sometimes not even the last two.

2. Kids thrive on routine

And all hell breaks loose through lack of it. At first I balked at the daily schedules being shared on my school class WhatsApp groups, but three weeks in I’m starting to get it.

3. My kids couldn’t be more different

I cannot fathom how three children brought up in the same way under the same roof can be so different.

4. My eight-year-old knows more about grammar than me

And I’m a journalist, so really ought to know better.

5. Clarinets should be left at school

They shouldn’t be practised in two bedroom flats. Unless the player has already achieved some sort of grading. Trust me on this one.

6. Three kids are hard work

People often say ‘I don’t know how you do it’ when referencing the kids, but you just do, because that’s the way it is and always has been. The thing is it turns out having three kids at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week is actually bloody hard work. And we’re about to welcome a fourth – yikes!

7. I couldn’t be a teacher

Not in a million years. I simply don’t have the patience.

8. My five-year-old has a worrying fascination with bums

Anything bottom related is a constant source of amusement and fun. And if he can fit something in it, even better (I’ll spare you the gory details).

9. Dens have saved my sanity

They might result in an all almighty clear-up job at the end of the day and require the use of every soft furnishing in the house, but den-building is the only thing that entertains all three at the same time for any significant amount of time. And you can’t put a price on that.

10. We’re doing ok

We might not be up and about until 10.30am, we might not have super duper home schooling schedules and there might be far too much talk of bums, but we’re doing ok. We haven’t killed each other (yet) and as well as wondering if we’ve had too many kids, I’ve also found myself questioning what in our ‘old life’ I actually want to introduce back. But that’s a whole new blog post!

What has lockdown taught you about your family? Can you relate to any of the above? I’d love to know which ones!

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