10 things. That’s all you actually need in your baby swim bag. Not 20, not 25 and certainly not 30. Just 10.

I don’t know about you but it’s easy to get carried away when you’re going swimming, to the point you’ve packed so much ‘just in case’ stuff that you need six pairs of hands and someone to hold the baby leaving you wondering whether baby swimming are really worth it.

10 things to pack in your baby swim bag

This summer we’ll be taking Littlest B swimming for the first time and with various courses of baby swimming lessons already under my belt I reckon I’ve now streamlined our swimming bag down to just 10 things – just like the only 10 things you need in your hospital bag.

10 things to pack in your baby swim bag

1. I’m going to start with the blindingly obvious: swimming nappies. There are all sorts out there but I find Huggies Little Swimmers the best. They have detachable sides, they don’t blow up in water and you just tear them off afterwards.

This year we’re hugely excited to be working with Huggies as Little Swimmers ambassadors and over the course of the summer we’re going to be bringing you a series of vlogs charting our swimming fun. Our first vlog – 5 reasons to pack Huggies Little Swimmers in your swim bag (as well as Littlest B’s vlogging debut!) – is over on our YouTube channel now! I’d love to know what you think!

Oh, and I always pack two swimming nappies in case something happens to one of them before you actually make it to the pool, like them filling it or you dropping it in a puddle on the wet floor.

2. Ditto towels. You can never have too many towels. Pack two, or even three. They always get soaked, and there’s nothing worse than trying to dry them (or you) with a soaking wet towel.

3. A changing mat. I don’t mean your big changing mat from home, I mean a fold up travel one. Because you can never be certain what kind of surface you’ll be using at the pool, or if they’ll even have changing tables.

4. Floats and toys. I use rubber rings with a seat in them when they’re babies, then arm bands or normal rubber rings when they get older. Little B has always loved taking rubber ducks with us too, and throwing them and encouraging him to swim towards them is a great way to build his water confidence – just one of the ways swimming can help your baby grow.

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5. Snacks and a drink. For you and for them. Mine always seem to be starving after swimming and hoover up whatever’s on offer. Rice cakes, raisins and bread sticks all have the added bonus of keeping them occupied while you get changed.

6. A robe or over-the-head towel for you. Then you can throw it on while you sort them out without freezing your costume off (one of my top tips for taking your baby swimming).

7. Extra clothes. Just in case, like the swimming nappy, you drop the ones you’ve got on the wet floor.

8. Nappies and wipes. Whatever you do don’t forget the normal nappies! Because there’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve got the whole swimming thing licked then realising when you get there you’ve forgotten to pack clean ones for afterwards.

9. Nappy cream. No matter how well I think I’ve dried them when it comes to putting their nappy back on I always seem to find damp creases. A good lick of nappy cream will help ensure the nappy doesn’t rub.

10. A car seat. Ok so you’re not actually going to fit this in your swimming bag, but if you’ve got a tiny one and you don’t want to take the whole pram in with you their car seat is perfect to keep them in while you get unchanged at the beginning and dressed again at the end.

What do you keep in your swimming bag? Do you have any swimming bag essentials or tips you couldn’t live without?

We’re proud to be working with Huggies as Little Swimmers ambassadors. As always all opinions are my own and I would never recommend a product I don’t truly believe in.

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