If there’s one thing that marks the start of summer in our house it’s the filling of our public paddling pool.

Open from May to September it’s where everyone gravitates to as soon as the sun comes out, and where the kids beg to go every day after school and nursery.

Water fun with Huggies Little Swimmers!

Who would have thought six inches of water is all it takes to keep them happy for so long?

Paddling is a win win activity in my book (as opposed to indoor activities like crafting – urgh!) because they can run riot and splash water to their heart’s content and you can sit back and watch them without having to do any clearing up.

And best of all it’s free.

This year we’re ambassadors for HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® so I’ve been capturing our water fun on camera, and our latest vlog featuring lots of splashing around is now live on our YouTube channel!

HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® have lots of great advice about baby and toddler swimming from what to pack in your swim bag to how it can help their cognitive development over on their website, so if you’re after inspiration it’s worth a look.

Do you have a public paddling pool near your house? Have you been making the most of the sunshine?

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