Got a little one who suffers from eczema? Worried it will flare up in winter?

Then this post is for you!


If you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll know earlier in the year our youngest was diagnosed with eczema. She had angry red patches of skin in her creases and under her arms, which were so itchy she’d scratch them until they bled, no matter how short we kept her nails and keeping her – and us – up at night.

And if you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll know how I managed to ‘cure’ it with remedies including an amber anklet and Salcura’s Bioskin Junior skincare range. Six months on she’s still eczema free, and there isn’t one patch of dry, irritable or itchy skin on her.

But with the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping it’s only a matter of time before we switch the heating on, and I’m worried the change in seasons will bring about a change in the dryness of her skin, leading to winter flare-ups.

So how can we make sure her skin says super smooth and peachy during the winter like it is now? I asked the experts at Bioskin Junior for their advice (and they’ve very kindly given us an exclusive discount code for 15% off your first order too – scroll down to find out how to claim!)

10 ways to help manage your baby’s eczema in winter

1. Try to use gentle bath and skincare products. Avoid soaps and synthetic ingredients and perfumes, as these can aggravate the skin and cause further dryness.

2. Make sure bathwater is warm, but not hot, as this can cause the skin to lose moisture.


3. Don’t bathe them for too long, or too regularly.

4. Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh winds and extreme cold as these can upset the balance of the skin and cause it to lose moisture and become susceptible to cracking and infection.


5. Try and stick to a bedtime routine. Consistent, regular application of moisturisers and skin therapies are the best way to stay on top of eczema, so make it part of your evening schedule and give children, and the rest of the family, the best chance for a good night’s sleep.

6. Keep pets out of bedrooms at night. Pet hair is a common cause of allergies, so try to keep bedrooms a pet-free zone.


7. Keep their fingernails short to stop infection if they scratch. Breaking the skin’s surface may lead to infection and the itch-scratch cycle is exacerbated.

8. If your child has eczema and is very itchy, see if you can identify patterns when they are most likely to scratch, such as when they are quietly reading or watching television. You may be able to encourage them to do something else instead of scratch, like grip a toy to divert their attention.


9. Keep bedrooms cool as skin can get hot and itchy at night. Heat makes the skin itch more, so a cool room will help them sleep better.

10. Apply moisturisers regularly, and in the direction of hair growth to avoid blocking hair follicles.


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Do you have a little one or little ones with eczema? Do you find it gets worse in winter? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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