Am I alone in thinking back to school prep is waaay more exciting than it was when we were little?

It’s that time of year again, and as I write parents – and kids – up and down the country are getting back to school ready. Us included.

back to school

When I was small getting back to school ready involved a trip to Clarks, where I would feel mightily hard done by because my feet were so big there was only one style of shoe that would fit me, and choosing wool so my Granny could knit me a new cardigan. It wasn’t a shopping trip to be relished: it was a trip that needed to be done.

Fast forward 30 years and getting back to school ready is something BB looks forward to the entire summer holiday. It’s a day out she marks on her calendar and plans in intricate detail, and always includes lunch. And who can blame her when these days school shoes come with light-up heels, checked dresses now come as jump suits and stationery is covered in flip sequins? Even I find myself getting just a teeny tiny bit excited.

back to school

This year she’s leaving infants behind her and going into year three as a junior. When she started reception three years ago all she wanted was to fit in: with identical school uniforms and book bags and water bottles you were hard pushed telling who was who in a crowd.

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Now she’s seven it’s a different story – she wants to stamp her personality on everything and loves nothing more than standing out from the crowd. So when Smiggle got in touch to see if we’d like to try out some of the items in their back to school range of course I said yes, because along with the aforementioned light-up shoes and jump suits, bags and stationery are the perfect way to express yourself within the confines of school uniform. So what’s in their back to school range this year?

Getting back to school ready with Smiggle®

Dreamy Ally backpack | £28

After three years at the school gate one of things I’ve discovered they don’t warn you about school is that you can never have too many bags. What with swimming, gymnastics, Brownies and whatever other after school clubs they’re signed up to, don’t be fooled into thinking one bag will suffice. It won’t, unless you want to be constantly packing and unpacking it.

back to school

This Dreamy Ally backpack comes in two colours – pink or purple – with their beloved flip sequins on the flap, an adjustable drawstring closure, magnetic fastening and adjustable shoulder straps. Just the job for her gymnastics kit.

back to school

Now You See Me Headphones | £20

With increasing amounts of homework now online (BB gets both maths and reading tasks to do online) I find headphones help her concentrate and mean her homework doesn’t end up taking over the whole room.

back to school

Smiggle’s Now You See Me headphones feature soft ear pads, an adjustable headband and a tangle free cord, plus they fold down into a handy carry case. They can plug into any device with a 3.5mm audio jack, meaning you don’t have to listen to them when they’re on their tablets either!

back to school

Scented colour pencils | £10

Scented pencils have come a long way since I was little. This pack of 12 scented colour pencils features scents including donut and watermelon and instead of vaguely smelling like the flavour written on the side, they actually do.

back to school

You rub the pencil to activate the scent, and the colours themselves are really vibrant on paper too. These will certainly come in handy for BB’s next art project.

Ice-Cream Highlighter | £5

If you thought highlighters were boring, think again. These stackable ice cream highlighters come in six different shades one on top of the other, with an ice cream cone for a lid.

back to school

Simply choose the colour you want, pull the stack apart, and replace it when you’re finished. I *might* be stealing this one next time I need a highlighter!

back to school

If you’re getting back to school ready too Smiggle is currently offering up to 40% off selected back to school items, and mix & match 3 for £5 deals on selected stationery essentials.

Do you think back to school prep is more exciting now than it was when you were little? How’s it all going in your house? I’d love to know!

We were sent a Smiggle back to school bundle in exchange for this post. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience, and I would never recommend products I don’t truly love myself.

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