I know, I know. A baby is a blessing, a gift from God for which we should be grateful and thank our lucky stars.

The trouble is it’s jolly hard to be grateful and thankful in those early days, when you’re in the throes of morning sickness and your body is changing in ways you never imagined.

The 10 worst things about being pregnant

So bad was the first trimester of my third pregnancy that I found it hard to believe anything good could possibly be going on at all, and at times I was neither grateful or thankful.

Here’s why.

The 10 worst things about being pregnant

1. Not being able to stand the smell of your other half. It’s the skin that does it. I realise this is some sort of primeval you’ve-done-your-bit-now-leave-me-alone sort of thing, but give me strength.

2. Not being able to stand the smell of your kids. Along with your other half, the kids suddenly smell unsavoury too. Which is saying something when you’ve got a toddler who likes sticking fingers in places it’s best not to think about.

3. Having to prepare other people’s food. From navigating the supermarket to opening the fridge, being forced to prepare food for other people means there’s absolutely no way you can stomach eating anything yourself. And the chances are you need a lie down to get over it.

4. Not being able to drink. I mean a proper drink. Roll on D-day.

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5. Indigestion. Always pops up when you’re least expecting it, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what triggers it.

6. Ditto gas.

7. Ditto constipation.

8. Ditto heart burn.

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9. Face polyps. White spots, red spots, weird raised bits and pigmentation. If you haven’t been tarred count yourself lucky.

10. Climbing into bed and not being able to get out. Or not easily, anyway. Your other half may joke about acquiring a paddle, but It’s. Not. Funny.

To be honest with you I could quite easily come up with another 10 reasons, but I don’t want to put you off.

Have you been pregnant and what did you hate the most? Did you see the funny side afterwards?

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