Ever think back to what you wore in your teens and twenties and wish it would make a comeback?

Then you’re not alone!

old school fashion

We’ve got Littlest B’s christening and first birthday party coming up and, in a bid to shed my usual mummiform of leggings and a nursing vest, I ventured into town in search of something suitable to wear.

It’s fair to say things are not the same as they were before, and the main aim of the game was to find an outfit that flatters a post baby body and hides my three times mum tum.

Which is far easier said than done.

Am I the only one who walks into H&M and feels utterly and totally overwhelmed? And what’s with the music in Topshop? As for Zara, I didn’t even make it through the door.

So I ditched the high street in favour of a little shop specialising in vintage dresses from the 1920s to 1950s and low and behold I found ‘the one’ (if you want to know what it is head over to my Instagram account where I’ll no doubt be christening and birthday party spamming over the weekend!)

This got me thinking that there really is a lot to be said for old school fashion, so I asked some fellow mums and dads which old school fashion trends they wish would make a comeback and I have to say I agree with them all!

10 old school fashion trends we’d love to make a comeback!

1. Flares. “I do love it when a trend goes full circle. Flares are back and I’m one happy lady,” says Lynne at A Day In The Life Of A Mum of 6.

2. The Marilyn Monroe dress. “I love the cut of the 1950s dresses, they looked so feminine and in those days it was fashionable for women to have all the curves,” says Liberty at Liberty On The Lighter Side.

old school fashion

3. Combat trousers. “With the tassels – I’d kill to own a pair again!” says Vicki at Mumma And Her Monsters. (If you’re a fan of comfy trousers check out Chums Ladies Trousers).

4. Denim dungarees. “I also loved a spiral perm. Take me back to my youth!” says Lynne at The Mad Madden’s. (Totally with you on the dungarees Lynne – I lived in dungarees when pregnant!)

5. Shell suits. “They might have been hideous but man they were comfy,” says Laura at Five Little Doves.

6. Acid wash jeans. “I secretly think if you can rock them on trend or not, you just be ooooozing with confidence,” says Danielle at Tiny Tripping.

old school fashion

7. Glitter hairspray. “Just bring it back already!” says Jennie at Rice Cakes & Raisins.

8. The ‘Rachel’ haircut. “EVERYONE just had to have that – and I still kinda like it,” says Vikki at Family Travel With Ellie. (Um, I still actually have it!)

old school fashion

9. Curtains. “During the 90s, nearly every guy had a centre parting at some point. It took 30 seconds to get ready in the morning and you were ready to roll,” says Pete at Household Money Saving.

10. Cone bras. “Unless they’re universally agreed to be in fashion you just cannot get away with wearing one to the supermarket without causing a fuss,” says Kate at Ever After With Kids.


How about you? Do you have a Rachel haircut or do you still own a pair of combat trousers? What old school fashions trends do you still love? I’d love to know!

This is a collaborative post.

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