If you’re planning a bathroom revamp this year and are on the hunt for bathroom flooring ideas then this post is for you.

More than three quarters of us have been using lockdown as a chance to spruce up our homes if the latest figures are to be believed, and not only that but we’ve been spending a record amount of money doing it too.

bathroom flooring ideas

Bathroom flooring isn’t something I’d ever really thought about before – until it came to choosing one for our family bathroom when suddenly the decisions were endless!

For me the bathroom is pretty much the only room in our house I get to myself and where I can relax (assuming someone doesn’t come in to use the loo as soon as I’ve got into the bath, that is!) so getting it right – including the floor – was really important.

So, if you’re planning a bathroom upgrade in the not too distant future in this collaborative post here are 3 great bathroom flooring ideas for 2021.

3 great bathroom flooring ideas for 2021

1. Karndean click vinyl flooring

If you thought vinyl flooring isn’t as good as the real thing, think again. Karndean click vinyl flooring is a perfect replication of woods, stones and other flooring options – so much so you would be hard pressed to tell the difference (and so would any guests). Unlike vinyl flooring, real stone or tiles can chip, chalk, and stain – costing a lot of money to replace – and vinyl has anti-slip protection to ensure you are safe. If wood is your preferred look Karndean click vinyl flooring provides practical options and won’t discolour, chip or wear away with water damage. Karndean is a premier vinyl flooring option that is more expensive than cheaper brands, but the quality and warranty are undeniable.

bathroom flooring ideas

2. Tiles

Tiles are the traditional bathroom flooring option and these days they come in all sorts of fabulous shapes, colours and sizes. We went for bright white porcelain ones which I absolutely love, however they show up absolutely everything which is a factor worth thinking about before choosing light plain ones. A downside of tiles is that they can be cold, however I quite like stepping out of a steaming hot shower or bath onto a cool floor!

3. Cork

A cost-effective flooring solution ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, cork is not only sustainably grown and harvested but it’s biodegradable too, making it an eco-friendly bathroom flooring option. Its natural warmth is perfect if you’ve got a north facing bathroom, and it’s naturally resistant to mold and mildew too.

bathroom flooring ideas

Have you recently revamped your bathroom, or are you planning to in 2021? What are your top tips?

This is a collaborative post.

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