Did you know that over a quarter of homes in the UK don’t have any form of insurance at all?

As homeowners we all know what we need to keep things running smoothly. We know the inner workings of our homes, all its nooks and crannies, its foibles, quirks and all the little imperfections that make it ours – and that means we should make sure we protect it!

home insurance

Household essentials can mean everything from appliance warranties to boiler certification and security systems. But many Brits don’t consider home insurance to be one of these household essentials.

Worryingly, many homeowners simply glaze over their home insurance needs, assuring themselves that they’ll simply never need it, or convincing themselves that it’s too expensive to commit to.

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However, home insurance should be at the top of any household essentials list. While sourcing home insurance quotes can feel like a difficult and laborious task, it could mean the difference between having the right protection and being left with a financial nightmare if something goes wrong.

This collaborative post explores why home insurance is so important – read on to find out more.

3 reasons why home insurance is so essential

1. The structure of your property is covered

There are lots of reasons why the structure of your home could suddenly become compromised. From unexpected storm damage and flooding to burst pipes, broken windows, and even fire damage and subsidence. Imagine coming home from holiday only to find that a burst pipe had destroyed the first floor of your home. Would you rather have to deal with the clean-up operation yourself, search for a contractor who can help, look and pay for somewhere to live whilst repairs are being carried out and pay for all of this out of your own pocket? The very idea is financially crippling.

home insurance

2. In the event of an emergency everything will be taken care of for you

When you have buildings cover – either as an individual policy or coupled with a contents policy – you can rest assured that even though your home is damaged and the repairs seem daunting, a simple call to your insurance company will get the ball rolling and they’ll take care of everything for you. If you’re buying a property, then you may find that taking out a home insurance policy is compulsory. However, if your home is rented, then you don’t need to purchase building cover.

home insurance

3. You can protect your most prized possessions

You might not consider your fridge freezer or your TV to be a prized possession, but if you came home from work one day to find that all your electricals had been stolen, the idea of replacing them all yourself and handling the financial burden would make you suddenly value them so much more. This is where contents insurance – purchased as part of your home insurance policy – comes in.

When you have contents cover in place you’re buying total peace of mind. And this is what makes it so essential. Whether your jewellery is stolen, your kitchen appliances are destroyed in a fire or your designer clothes are damaged due to a water leak your contents insurance will ensure you’re not left with the cost of replacing them. Accidental damage isn’t always included, but if you have small children, pets or a clumsy other half, then it’s worth considering.

home insurance


You might have warranties in place at home, but having home insurance cover will guarantee that when bad things happen at home, you won’t be the one picking up the pieces. Start by comparing home insurance policies online now. 

This is a collaborative post.

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