Preparing for a new bundle of joy is a time of positivity and tangible anticipation for many expectant mums-to-be.

However, while pregnancy is generally a positive experience, having an extensive checklist to ensure everything is ready for your mini-me’s arrival can seem daunting.


One of the most significant tasks on any new parent checklist is baby-proofing your home so that you can create a safe, welcoming environment to ensure their well-being – and your peace of mind!

That said, knowing where to begin can take time and effort with so many potential hazards in your home.

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From installing appropriate safety measures and identifying potential hazards, to securing heavy furnishings and adding barriers, this collaborative post outlines three simple ways mums-to-be can baby-proof their home.

3 simple ways to baby-proof your home

1. Ensure glazed internal doors & panels are safe  

While glazed internal doors and panels make beautiful focal points in the rooms of your home, if you have full-length ones you could consider getting them covered or replaced before welcoming your new bundle of joy home.  

Children will think nothing of using your glazed internal doors or panels for support as they learn to stand or as something to play with. If they aren’t reinforced, all it takes is a little extra impact to cause the glass to break into hundreds of smaller pieces and inflict potential injury.

To prevent this, cover any full-length glazed internal doors or panels with safety film, which will help retain the glass if they do get broken. Or replace them entirely with half-glazed ones like the ones from Online Door Store, so the glazed part isn’t at child level.  


With a range of half and full-glazed internal doors, visit their website where you can browse their entire catalogue and see how their products could help you make your home safer for your growing family.  

2. Remove furnishings underneath windows  

As babies become more mobile through crawling, rolling and toddling they become even more inquisitive as things they couldn’t previously reach are now accessible. The outdoors is incredibly enticing for your little one, so baby-proofing windows is essential to prevent your little explorer from toppling out of them.

One of the best ways to prevent little fingers from opening latches is by moving furnishings underneath windows, as your little one can use these as climbing aids to access high-up windows. Move any tables, sofas, or anything they could use as a booster out of their way.  


As well as making it more challenging for them to access windows, it also reduces the risk of getting fingers pinched by hinges and fall risks, which is especially dangerous for younger children due to the soft spot in their skull – meaning they’re at a greater risk of injury!  

3. Secure heavy furnishings  

Sooner or later, little ones will want to start exploring your home by using objects to stabilise themselves. However, all it takes is for them to grab the wrong object or furnishing and it all comes toppling down, which can give them a nasty shock or – worst-case scenario – injuries.  

To prevent this, it is essential that you secure heavy furnishings using anti-tip straps or brackets, which can stop free-standing furnishings, such as dressers, wardrobes and bookcases from toppling over onto your child. Most furnishings are supplied with these, but you can buy them from online market stores if not.


This is a collaborative post.

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