They say age is just a number. Or two numbers if you’re a grown-up and we’re going to be picky about it.

I remember being so pleased to finally reach double digits when I was 10, but now that I’ve turned 39, not so much.

turning 39

I realise there are worse things in life than turning 39, and I also realise that a year from now I’ll probably look back and wish I was turning 39 again. But even so, 39!

I’m not quite sure how I got here, but I have, so, to mark my 39th birthday and with the big four-oh looming, I thought I’d share 39 thoughts on turning 39. Also known as a panicky stream of consciousness about getting older.

39 thoughts on turning 39

1. Thirty-nine sounds so old!

2. How did that happen?

3. I’m nearly 40. Yikes.

4. On the other hand, I’ll never be this young again.

5. Is 39 middle aged? Assuming I live to be 78, yes!

6. Is it too late to have another baby?

7. Probably.

8. If I did have another baby now I’d be at least 45 at the primary school gates, 51 at the secondary school gates and 61 when they turned 21.

9. Which is too old. Isn’t it?

10. But never say never, right?

turning 39

11. I can’t believe the first Bridget Jones film is almost 20 years old. Arghhh! (If you’ve read the book you’ll get that).

12. Speaking of age, hasn’t Robbie Williams got better with age?

13. And Gary Barlow.

14. Why don’t women get better with age too? So annoying.

15. That’ll be down to the sleepless nights.

16. And the breastfeeding. That has a lot to answer for.

17. Is it too late to have a boob job?

18. Probably.

19. But never say never, right?

20. When I was sourcing images for this post I discovered I was born closer to the moon landing than the invention of the Nintendo Wii. How is that even possible?

turning 39

21. I simply don’t understand Love Island. Which makes me feel old too.

22. I’m the same age as Gisele Bündchen – and I’ve always thought of her as an ‘older’ supermodel.

23. Why don’t they do 39th birthday cards in the shops? After all, it’s the last one before the big four-oh. Surely that’s worthy of note.

24. Parenthood has definitely taken its toll on my face. And I’m afraid there’s no going back.

25. Perhaps I should give trough fillers a go. (If you don’t know what trough fillers are Google it – I have a friend who swears by them).

26. You could say I’m not actually 39, but 18 with 21 years’ experience.

27. I can remember my mum’s 39th birthday. And she seemed so old at the time. (Sorry mum). Which is odd, as at 60-something she seems young now.

28. Will my car insurance premium go down soon?

29. And my life insurance? On second thoughts that probably goes up…

30. I really ought to do something about a pension.

turning 39

31. Isn’t lifemin boring?

32. I feel so old!

33. In 10 years time I’ll be 49. Yikes again.

34. I’ve only got a year left to do all the things I said I was going to do before I was 40.

35. Like writing a book.

36. That’s so not going to happen in the next 12 months.

37. Although this blog is a sort of book.

38. It’s the story of our lives over the last six years.

39. I wonder what happens next?

turning 39

Are you approaching a significant birthday soon? Can you relate to any of the above? I’d love to know which ones!

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