Well I’m not sure how that happened.

It seems like only yesterday I was penning 7 wishes for my daughter on her 7th birthday, and here we are with eight staring us in the face.

8th birthday

With my August baby turning eight I couldn’t help but look back at what I wished for her last year, and while some things haven’t changed – we still seem to be in the same Brexit mess we were this time last year – other things have changed massively.

Like the starting of Brownies, being more than half-way through primary school and Harry Potter. So, in what I suspect may become an annual tradition, here are 8 wishes for my daughter on her 8th birthday.

8 wishes for my daughter on her 8th birthday

1. Don’t stop calling scaffolding ‘scafflebuilding’ – it’s too cute.

2. I hope you still believe in Father Christmas by the time we get to December. The look on your face is priceless – and I want to go to LaplandUK one more time with all three of you still believing.

8th birthday

3. I hope you love year four as much as you did year three. Watching you skip out of school full of everything you’ve discovered that day is the best thing ever.

4. I hope you continue to humour me by posing for your annual ‘Bluebell in the bluebells’ photo with a smile on your face. Even if you are now eight.

8th birthday

5. I hope you look forward to reading Harry Potter with daddy in the evenings with the same enthusiasm and zeal you do now. It’s priceless.

6. I wish you’d do your Brownie sewing badge soon. Sewing on all the other badges you’ve earnt really isn’t my thing.

8th birthday

7. I wish England had got through to the final of the Women’s World Cup. You were so disappointed when they didn’t, but it doesn’t mean they won’t one day.

8. I hope I can take you to see Take That again soon. That was possibly the best mummy milestone moment so far.

8th birthday

Have there been any significant birthdays in your house lately? What did you wish for? I’d love to know!

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