Vaping tends to get a lot of negative press, and the myths surrounding vapes are likely to make anyone question their safety.

As parents we take great care in keeping our kids safe, and it’s natural to find ourselves worrying about things like vaping, especially with vaping rising in popularity.


As a mum of four I often worry about how the kids might be influenced by things beyond my control as they grow up, and smoking and vaping is one of the things I’m not sure how I’d deal with.

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So, if smoking and vaping are issues on your mind too in this collaborative post here are four things all parents need to know about vaping.

4 things all parents need to know about vaping

1. Vaping is not the same as smoking

While smoking cigarettes exposes children to all sorts of nasties that come alongside combusting nicotine, tar, and 40 other harmful chemicals, vaping is different. While some vaping e-liquids may contain nicotine, vapes aren’t nearly as harmful as smoking, and would essentially be causing your child no harm at all.


Vaping doesn’t contain carbon monoxide and toxic chemicals as vaping does not involve any combustion – instead it features vaporisation. However, this vaporisation would set off a sensitive vape detector, meaning you may not be able to do it in all environments. It’s worth noting that Public Health England claims vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

2. Vaping allows users to control their nicotine intake

While smoking cigarettes does not allow for any control of the smoker’s nicotine intake, vapes are entirely different. The nicotine content in vapes comes from the e-liquids that users put in for flavouring. Not all e-liquids contain nicotine, and these liquids are also available in varying quantities of nicotine. Hence, if you do discover your child vaping, you can ensure that the e-liquid that they use only has flavouring and zero nicotine content.


Additionally, nicotine in cigarettes is harmful to the smoker because this nicotine is combusted and then consumed by them. However, in vaping nicotine is vaporised instead and doesn’t feature any of the harmful properties that combusted nicotine does.

3. Vaping is not addictive

Contrary to what some online magazines may tell you, vaping is not addictive at all. All the harmful information that you find about vaping online is due to big players in the cigarette industry lobbying against it because a rise in vape sales would equal a decrease in cigarette sales. Vaping is not addictive, and an avid vaper can stop vaping at any time.


4. Vaping will not harm their health

As parents we try our best to give our children food that is healthy and full of nutrition to ensure their growth and well-being. As a mother, it is natural to worry about whether or not vaping affects your children’s health, and the straightforward answer here is that vaping will not affect their health.


Since vapes do not contain carbon monoxide, tar, or combusted nicotine, they do not affect the lungs of your child in any capacity. Vaping also does not harm their teeth in any way.

This is a collaborative post.

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