Did you know that the UK alone drinks 98 million cups of coffee a day?

That’s an average of two cups per day each – and probably a lot more if you’re a sleep-deprived mum (or dad)!

eco-friendly coffee

Coffee is a great way to get a quick energy boost and wake you up in the morning, and it’s also a warm and comforting drink.

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That said, as many of us look for ways to lessen our impact on the planet many coffee lovers are wondering what they can do to be more sustainable. If that sounds like you, this collaborative post reveals four simple ways to be an eco-friendly coffee lover.

4 ways to be an eco-friendly coffee lover

1. Shop locally

One thing you can do to be more sustainable as a coffee lover is to start shopping locally. Not only is it good to support your local independent shops, but independent coffee houses are more likely to sell sustainable and fair trade coffee. When it comes to coffee, it’s important to look for brands that are fair trade. Not only does fair trade mean you will be buying more sustainable coffee, but it also means you will be supporting farmers and ensuring they are receiving a fair wage.

eco-friendly coffee

2. Go green

The phrase going green is thrown around a lot, and it can encompass a lot of different things. In this context, you may consider investing in a coffee machine that uses less energy or ensure that the coffee capsules you use are compostable. If you want to expand your desire for sustainability further, you could consider switching to an electric car, like the ones by LV ElectriX.

eco-friendly coffee

3. Reduce hot water usage

Another good way to be more sustainable is to reduce hot water usage. Boiling water requires a lot of energy, so if you are consistently boiling too much water that you don’t need, you will be wasting a lot of electricity. When you plan on making a cup of coffee and you are using a kettle to boil the water, make sure that the kettle is filled with just the right amount of water to make your coffee.

eco-friendly coffee

4. Reuse coffee grounds

Reusing coffee grounds is an excellent way to be more sustainable. When it comes to reusing coffee grounds, composting is usually the first thing that comes to mind, but that is not all coffee grounds can be used for. Because the coffee grounds are abrasive, you can use them as a natural exfoliant for your skin, to remove dead skin. Additionally, the abrasive nature of the grounds means they are excellent at scouring pots and pans to get rid of tough food debris. The strong smell of coffee can also be a great way of repelling insects and pests from your home too!

eco-friendly coffee

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