It’s been almost a month since Littlest B was born and I can’t wait to put my trainers back on.

I gave myself a month ‘off’ exercise after both BB and Little B were born, and having done the same this time too I’m planning to get back to it this week.

5 gym essentials for new mums

Regular readers will know I continued running in pregnancy and I made it into the third trimester each time. I also carried on swimming right up until the end of all three pregnancies (I actually went swimming when I was in the early stages of labour with both BB and Littlest B in a bid to speed things up!)

By the end of each of my pregnancies I’ve only been able to fit into Misery Guts’s running tops (when I was expecting BB six years ago there were hardly any maternity sports clothes on the market) so I’ve always treated myself to something new afterwards.

As well as helping you feel good again (I’m not ashamed to say I’m not one of those people who loves being pregnant) it’s nice to have whole new outfit which will spur you on to get into your old exercise routine again. So I thought I’d share my 5 gym essentials for new mums.

5 gym essentials for new mums

1. Decent trainers. When I say decent, I mean ones that support your feet properly. After having a baby you’re more prone to injury as your body recovers from the birth so it’s really important not to put unnecessary strain on your joints and muscles. It’s well worth going to a running shop where they’ll put you on a treadmill, measure your gait and recommend which trainers are best for you. I’ve used Asics Gel-Kayano (from £50) for years and love them.

Asics Gel-Kayano

2. A water bottle. It may sound obvious, but when not pregnant or breastfeeding I’ve never run with a water bottle, mainly because I find it a pain to hold. But if you’re breastfeeding, and even if you’re not, it’s important to stay hydrated so make sure you’ve got one to hand. There are some great designs out there – from ones with holes in so you can easily grasp it to ones with straws so you don’t have to stop and open it while exercising. Like the trainers, it’s worth visiting a sports shop for this.

5 gym essentials for new mums

3. A good quality sports bra. Whether you’re breastfeeding or not your boobs will have undergone or be undergoing some mahoosive changes. Whether they’re getting bigger or getting smaller, a good quality sports bra will hold them firmly in place and make exercising more comfortable.

5 gym essentials for new mums

4. Bottoms with room to move. Like your boobs, the chances are your waistline is changing too. There’s nothing worse than exercising in bottoms that are too tight or too loose, so it’s worth investing in ones with a decent waistband to adapt to your changing body. Esprit has a great range, including these stretch cotton jersey trousers (£35) with a 5cm elasticated layer waistband.

Esprit stretch cotton jersrey trousers

5. A top that makes you feel great! Don’t hide away under an oversized hoodie or your other half’s exercise gear – treat yourself to something that makes you feel really good. I’m loving this ‘free spirit’ t-shirt from Esprit (£15) which is made from blended cotton so is super comfy, and it won’t break the bank either.

Esprit free spirit t-shirt

Did you exercise in pregnancy? How long did you leave it before exercising again after becoming a mum?

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