5 reasons Easter is better with kidsIt’s occurred to me that between being a teenager and having kids I don’t think I can recall any Easter weekends. None at all.

At some stage around the age of 13 the prospect of foil wrapped chocolate eggs lose their shine, replaced with indifference over the whole event and, by the time you’re working, a vague sense of anticipation at the prospect of two bank holidays in a row.

It’s only since becoming a mum that Easter has become exciting again, something planned for and looked forward to for more than just the bank holidays. Just like I’ve discovered Christmas is better with kids, I’ve discovered Easter is better with kids too.

Here’s why:

1. Eating chocolate for breakfast is perfectly acceptable. After all, you don’t want them scoffing it before bedtime, so the earlier they start the earlier the sugar rush wears off. And it would be rude not to join them.

2. Kids’ Easter eggs. As well as enjoying my own grown-up Easter egg, there really is nothing like a kids’ chocolate egg. Especially the Cadbury ones with the pattern embossed into the chocolate and the pleating round the edge. Yum.

3. You get to make treats out of chocolate and breakfast cereal. This year BB and I made shredded wheat nests and slow cooker fudge to give away as presents. We bought little bags to put them in, BB wrote personalised labels with her cousin’s names on and of course we had to test out what we’d made.

5 reasons Easter is better with kids 2

4. Easter Egg hunts. I challenge anyone not to get a teeny tiny bit excited on spotting the shiny wrapper of an Easter chocolate nestled at the base of some daffodils or hidden in a plant pot. Even Misery Guts managed to crack a smile.

4. You might get to make an Easter bonnet. Have you seen the creations that were around this year? I saw a photo on BBC Breakfast of one girl who had knitted hers – she started it in January and it was fabulous with all sorts of decorations! Sadly there was no Easter bonnet parade in our neck of the woods this year, but there’s always next year…

5. You get a month’s supply of chocolate to nibble on when you’re feeling peckish in the evenings. Because they can’t possibly eat it all themselves, and you’re doing them a favour by helping them out.

I should probably also add that Easter with kids reminds you of the real reason of Easter. BB goes to a Catholic school so they’ve been learning that there’s more to Good Friday than ‘hot cross bun day’ and there’s more to Easter Sunday than the day the Easter bunny pays a visit. Given how commercialised Easter now is I think that’s no bad thing.

What do you think – have you found Easter is better with kids around?

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