I looked down at my feet in the bath the other day and couldn’t help but notice they’ve been well and truly Birkenstocked.

I live in my Birkenstocks between the months of March and October – getting them out at the first whiff of spring and grudgingly putting them away when there’s no getting away from the fact my toes are freezing – but there’sΒ also no getting away from the fact there are distinct signs a person wears Birkenstocks.

5 signs your feet have been Birkenstocked main

5 signs your feet have been Birkenstocked

1. Despite fitting like a glove constant wear results in hard pieces of skin either side of both feet, which unless tended to can become quite unsightly. I find liberally applying Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Intensive serum helps.

2. Gizeh wearers also cultivate a piece of hard skin between their big and second toes, thanks to the Gizeh toe post. It will disappear one day, won’t it?

3. Even though you vowed it wouldn’t happen this year you suddenly realise you’ve got distinct tan lines where your Birkenstocks have been. Then you have to go to a wedding and this happens.

5 signs your feet have been Birkenstocked

4. You sport permanent blisters. I’ve been lucky on the blister front as mine seem to fit like a glove, but depending on the shape of your feet some regular wearers will tell you they’re an occupational hazard. My fellow blogger Lisa over at Mrs Savage Angel recently wrote a post entitled My Summer Pain all about her Birkenstock blisters, and why she would rather suffer in silence than give up her beloved single-strap Madrids. It’s worth a read!

5. The nail polish on your big toe is smudged. Gizeh wearers like me will know that slipping on your Birkenstocks too soon after painting will result in the leather over the toe post messing up your handiwork. You make a mental note to sort it out asap, which in reality means up to a week later.

Despite often looking like my feet have been Birkenstocked I don’t care and wouldn’t give them up for the world – they’re far too comfy! Do you wear Birkenstocks? Do your feet ever look like they’ve been Birkenstocked?

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