Considering laser hair removal? Want to know what to look for when picking a clinic and how to prepare your skin for the treatment?

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laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is known to be one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted hair. People prefer laser treatments over any other method as it is more long-lasting and requires less maintenance.

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle and permanently avoids growth in that particular area. A laser beam is passed through the skin, and the process is completely silent.

There are lots of centres out there and it’s important to assess and choose a clinic that’s best for you. So, in this collaborative post, here are some key things to consider before undergoing treatment.

5 things to consider before having laser hair removal

1. Remember to shave

Doctors always advise shaving the particular area before treatment. The laser can react with the body’s hair and irritate that area. Do it 24 hours before treatment to avoid any burn or injury on the skin. Make sure you don’t pluck the hair and smoothly take it off by applying lotion and cream. Most laser hair removal London clinics also prohibit the use of Electric Lasers on the skin.

laser hair removal

2. Prepare your skin

Making changes to your skincare routine is a prerequisite for laser hair removal. Any scrubs or creams containing harmful chemicals are to be avoided two days before treatment, and don’t use chemical peels for at least one to two weeks after the treatment.

laser hair removal

3. Sunbathing is your enemy

Exposure to sunlight is to be avoided before and after the treatment. UV rays from the sun can burn the skin and at the same time causes hyperpigmentation. After the treatment let your skin heal and stay away from going out in the sunshine.

laser hair removal

4. It can be painful in some cases

Laser hair removal treatment involves passing a laser beam through the skin and targeting the hair follicle. The heat produced can sometimes cause a sharp pain in the area being treated. Cooling methods such as cooling gel can help during the process.

laser hair removal

5. Do your research

Do your research and choose the best clinic for you and your needs. Look for licensed clinics with modern technology, and always check the reviews. Remember it is normal to experience skin irritation after the treatment as the skin takes one to two weeks to settle down. If you have redness in the area, immediately seek medical advice.

laser hair removal

This is a collaborative post.

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