Want to know how to look your very best when it comes to taking selfie photos?

If you’re on the hunt for some tried and tested makeup tricks then this guest post is for you!

makeup tricks

So many of us participate in the digital society where there’s no escaping the camera – and why should we? There’s no shame in not looking your best in every photo, and taking pictures with friends can be a lot of fun.

However, if you’re going for a full-blown self-portrait selfies, your selfie self probably won’t cut it. After all, it might be the picture you want to use on all your accounts in the weeks and months to come.

So, why not display your beauty and vivid personality with your makeup choices? Here are five looks to nail any photoshoot!

5 makeup tricks to look great in selfie photos

1. Natural glow

Pimples, scars, and freckles are a part of being human. As this makeup remover app sagely discusses, though, there’s power and confidence in making yourself look a bit better than usual from time to time. Enter the no-makeup makeup style.

This bare-minimum style enhances your natural features, promoting a fresh, well-rested appearance. To achieve it:

  • Nourish your skin with a hydrating serum first
  • Pick light coverage
  • Use a cream contour and blush to add definition
  • Take your time with blending
  • Choose lip stain instead of lipstick
  • Go for a neutral mascara shade

Early morning and golden hour photo sessions never looked so good!

makeup tricks

2. Glamorous style

On the other hand, you might be going for a stunning, jaw-dropping expression. Embrace it and let your inner red carpet queen shine through with sleek, shiny eyes and bold red lips.

There are many iterations of the Hollywood look for you to play around with and explore. Some rules apply across the board, though:

  • Use a moisturizer, primer, concealer, and foundation to matte your skin
  • Contour with light blush and highlighter
  • Pick shimmery shades for the eyes and crease the lid
  • Don’t hesitate to draw a thick line with black eyeliner
  • Fake lashes are your friend
  • Line and define your eyebrows to frame the face
  • Pick a bold red lip liner and fill it in with matching lipstick

Dim the lights for the session and channel your inner showstopper!

makeup tricks

3. Soft pastels

Pastels used to be a thing of the ’80s, but they’re back in fashion. Soft shades of dusty blue, lilac, and pink create a romantic yet sophisticated feminine look.

Choose a shade that complements your eye colour and follow these tips:

  • Follow the natural glow process for the skin
  • Play with a pastel shade around the eyes
  • Blend religiously
  • Feel free to mix colours for a dreamy, fairy-like appearance
  • Go light for the lips with a transparent gloss

This makeup look works all day long, encouraging you to showcase your bright personality and have fun!

makeup tricks

4. Flirty smoky eye

If your eyes are your best feature, but you’re not that comfortable with the experimental pastels, why not accentuate them with a more tried-and-tested look? A dramatic smoky eye paired with big, nude lips creates a style to send your confidence levels sky-high. These pointers can help you get it right:

  • Do basic face prep but leave the foundation for last
  • Choose three shades from the same palette – blacks and greys, and maybe a smidge of red or purple
  • Apply a white base on your eyelid first to make the colours pop
  • Blend thoroughly to create a smoky gaze
  • Punctuate your eye art with mascara and dark eyeliner
  • Bring the look together with a nude lip liner

This one works both for night-time sessions or an overcast day.

makeup tricks

5. Half-face

This one is the most experimental out of the bunch, but it’s gained a lot of traction recently. The power of makeup has been a big topic online, making women show half of their faces done in their favourite style and the other half free of any extras – no concealer, even!

You could decide on this option to make a statement through your self-portrait. All you need to do is draw a line across the middle of your face and do one side like you usually would. Play with your hairstyle to increase the contrast between the two.

makeup tricks

And remember – enjoy it!

The essential thing to remember is that makeup is fun, and photos are too. So, show your authentic personality, and you’ll love the result, no matter the aesthetics you choose.

This is a guest post.

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