Remember when they rolled over for the first time? Or cut their first tooth?

I do, but only because I made a point of recording the event for posterity – and because I knew that what with the sleep deprivation and the fug of new motherhood I’d forget exactly when these things happened if such milestones weren’t noted down in some way.

baby memories

When I look back at the first few days, weeks and months of motherhood with each of our three it’s all such a blur, and I’m so glad I had the foresight to invest in things like baby milestone cards and clay imprints.

There’s no way I’d remember when the youngest smiled for the first time or rolled over if it wasn’t for the baby milestone cards, and there’s no way I’d remember just how tiny their feet were if they weren’t immortalised in clay, either.

So, how can you freeze those moments in time so that when they’re all grown up you can look back and remember just how tiny they once were? In this collaborative post here are 6 easy ways to preserve baby memories forever!

6 easy ways to preserve baby memories forever

1. Make a photo book

The modern-day equivalent to the traditional photograph album, photo books allow you to print as many precious photographs as you want and keep them all in one place. Our three all have ‘My First Year’ photo books which we love looking back on as a family, and you’re not confined to photographs either: artwork showcasing their first ever drawing and anything else they create over years are also great contenders. There are lots of photo book deals to be had with different designs and discount options too – check out

baby memories

2. Create a scrapbook

If you’re more into the old-school way of doing things, then scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to preserve memories of your precious little one. Scrapbooking is similar to photo albums, but craftier as you can stick the photos in the book yourself and decorate each page with patterned paper, embellishments, stickers, ribbons and anything else you like. It’s also a great idea for special moments in your little one’s life, such as their first tooth, walking for the first time and their christening day.

3. Have a professional photo shoot

Not only are the photographs from professional photo shoots stunning for hanging in your home, they’re also a great excuse for dressing your little one up in all the outfits you’ve either bought or been given. Many professional photographers will have a range of backdrops and props that you can use to make the pictures look cuter than ever, allowing you to have a selection of perfect photos that you wouldn’t be able to get at home. We booked a professional photo shoot when each of ours were three months old and now they’re bigger I’m so glad we did.

baby memories

4. Have a professional video made

If a photograph can speak a thousand words, then a video can speak a million. If photographs just aren’t enough, then it’s well worth considering having a professional video made for you and your new family. This could be a video of a special event such as your baby’s christening, or you could simply do something together as a family like a walk in the park and hire a professional to capture all those special, precious moments together on film. If you have family or friends overseas, a video is also a great, interactive way to involve them in your baby’s life as opposed to just sending photographs.

5. Create lifelong keepsakes

From teddy bears made out of baby clothes to dipping their first pair of shoes in copper, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to create lifelong keepsakes documenting your baby’s first few weeks, months and years. We had baby feet imprints made when each of our three were two months old and they’re probably one of the most precious things I own, if not the most precious!

6. Hold on to mementoes

Videos and photographs aren’t the only ways to preserve baby memories forever. Each of mine have a memory box where I put things I think they might be interested in when they’re older including ticket stubs, birthday cards and school reports. It’s a great way to chart the adventures we’ve had and to keep the memories alive.

Have you preserved any of your baby memories in a special way? Is there anything you’d add to this list? I’d love to know what it is!

This is a collaborative post.

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