So push presents have hit the headlines – again – after the Duchess of Sussex was spotted sporting a new ring on her finger.

Rumour has it the diamond encrusted band was a gift from Prince Harry following the birth of baby Archie, and it’s fair to say the concept has met with some rather bad press – again.

push present

Admittedly the term ‘push present’ is a vulgar one, but it’s really no different than the tradition of giving an eternity ring following the birth of a child.

It’s also an expression that was coined in America, and at the risk of stating the obvious, the Duchess of Sussex is, er, American. But Duchess of Sussex aside, I really don’t see what the big deal is. And I don’t mind admitting I wish I’d been given one – or three!

Why I wish I’d been given a push present – & don’t mind admitting it!

A couple of years ago I was asked to write a collaborative post on push present ideas for new mums, in which parenting bloggers shared gifts they’d been given by their other halves after giving birth.

Items ranged from diamond rings to watches, with one thoughtful hubby even tracking down a painting his wife had once sold and regretted, subsequently buying it back. Another presented his wife with a slab of goats’ cheese, which she couldn’t eat during pregnancy, a present she describes as ‘the sweetest gift’.

Having just given birth to baby number two myself I don’t mind admitting just a teeny tiny part of me was green with envy.

push present

Because not all push presents are a case of ‘expecting’ or ‘demanding’ an expensive material item in return for giving birth. They’re about being given something you didn’t ask for and wouldn’t buy for yourself, no matter how small, in recognition of – and gratitude for – everything it took to grow and produce a tiny human being. And to my mind you don’t get more romantic than that.

I always remember an elderly lady on the Antiques Roadshow who had been given three diamonds by her husband: one after the birth of each child.

After being given a five figure valuation for the stones the valuer said: “Your husband must have loved you very much”. And it’s true. He must have done. I’ll always remember that.

push present

So that’s why I wish I’d been given a push present too – and don’t mind admitting it!

What do you think? Do you agree with the concept of push presents? Did you receive – or give – one? Do tell!

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