If you’re already thinking ahead to the next school holidays – and school holiday activities – this collaborative post is for you.

Love them or hate them, the truth is the school holidays are precious pockets of time amidst the academic year – and they hold immense potential.

school holiday activities

Beyond the routine and rigour, they offer a chance for kids to embark on journeys of exploration, growth, and fun. And as parents, we wield the power to transform these breaks into memorable and enriching experiences that our children will carry throughout their lives.

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From the magic of outdoor adventures to the allure of artistic expression, here are seven school holiday activities that promise entertainment and profound learning experiences – without breaking the bank!

7 school holiday activities your kids will love

1. Artistic endeavours & DIY delights

Set up a creativity corner at home where your kids can immerse themselves in art projects. From painting and drawing to crafting intricate masterpieces, these activities foster imagination and self-expression. Engaging in DIY projects encourages problem-solving skills as they bring their ideas to life, building confidence and resourcefulness.

school holiday activities

2. Cooking up fun & life skills in the kitchen

Cooking together is an enjoyable bonding activity and an opportunity to teach valuable life skills. Involve your kids in baking cookies, making simple meals, and growing a small herb garden. They’ll learn about measurements, ingredients, and teamwork while having a blast in the kitchen.

school holiday activities

3. The magic of reading & storytelling

Reading opens the doors to countless adventures; school breaks are the perfect time to dive into captivating stories. Create a cosy reading nook with soft cushions and blankets, and introduce your kids to books that match their interests and reading levels. The benefits are tremendous: improved vocabulary, enhanced empathy, and a lifelong love for learning.

school holiday activities

4. Learning through playful challenges

Challenge your children’s minds with puzzles, board games, and brain teasers that are both entertaining and educational. These activities sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills, all while they’re having fun. Plus, the joy of victory and lessons from setbacks are equally valuable.

school holiday activities

5. Adventure, friendship & skill-building at camp

Consider enrolling your kids in a summer camp for an unforgettable experience. Summer camps, such as the ones from PGL, offer a blend of adventure, skill-building, and making lifelong friends. For kids, it provides an excellent opportunity to create lasting memories and enjoy being outdoors, and for parents, it helps them keep their young ones entertained for the school holidays. From outdoor exploration to arts and crafts, these camps nurture independence in a supportive environment.

school holiday activities

6. Virtual museum tours & creative discovery

Explore the world from your living room through virtual museum tours or discover new cultures through arts and crafts. Uncover the mysteries of ancient civilisations or create your family’s cultural exchange project. These experiences broaden horizons and cultivate a global perspective.

school holiday activities

7. Grooving for health & happiness

Physical activity is essential for healthy growth, and what better way to get moving than through dance and exercise? Turn up the music and have a dance-off, or try yoga poses designed for kids. It’s not just about physical fitness; it’s about feeling happy, energetic, and alive.

school holiday activities

As you embrace these playful and productive ways to spend school breaks, remember that each activity is an opportunity to create lasting memories and encourage your child’s holistic development. Tailor these activities to your child’s interests, and let the school breaks become moments of joy, learning, and connection.

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