Remember having bags of energy and an ability to look great after multiple nights out despite burning the candle at both ends?

Me too – except now I’m in my thirties and facing the big 4-0 this summer it’s a different story.

better complexion

These days my skin is drier than it used to be, hangovers are much worse than I remember them being and certain foods can cause issues too. Add having kids, broken nights and parenting into the mix, and it’s not surprising our skin isn’t as flawless as it used to be.

So, if your skin could do with a little TLC like mine in this collaborative post here are 7 secrets for a better complexion after 30 without having to head off to an expensive retreat!

7 secrets for a better complexion after 30

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a great way to rid your face of dulling dead skin cells and bring new ones to the surface. It will help to give you a more glowing look, but also the process can help your skin absorb any products you use in your daily routine.

better complexion

2. Use face scrub

Face scrubs are readily available, but if you want to go natural, you can create your own at home. Mix baking powder with fresh lemon juice to a thick consistency. Apply to your face but avoid your eye area. Leave for five minutes and then use a circular motion to scrub your face gently. Wash off with water or use a damp, warm flannel to remove it. Use twice a week to see the benefits.

better complexion

3. Keep your skin hydrated

Dryness is a really common issue caused by slow skin cell regeneration. A great place to start improving dryness is to make a few lifestyle changes. For example, drinking can have a terrible effect on the skin and dehydrates you, which leads to dry cracking skin all over the body. If you don’t drink enough water one of the first things to slow is the regeneration of cells. Increasing your water intake will help this issue. Your body needs to be hydrated to function, and experts say you should drink up to eight glasses of water a day, however, if you are exercising you should increase this. Filtered water is the best, but you can drink green or black tea.

better complexion

4. Moisturise

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser, and if you gently rub it into your skin after your usual bedtime routine, then you will feel the benefits in the morning. You could also try using a face wash with vitamin C and other skin brightening agents.

better complexion

5. Use UV protection

Wrinkles, bags under the eyes and crows feet are probably all making an appearance now. You might also notice you are suffering from other conditions such as a persistent reddening of your cheeks. (If you are looking permanently flushed then speak to a dermatologist, who may prescribe you Mirvaso for rosacea, if you have started to experience these symptoms). Sun ages our skin, and although we can look thinner and healthier with a glowing tan, the damage is hard to undo. Ensure you have a good skincare routine of cleansing, moisturising and then use a sunscreen of SPF30 on your face. This will ensure your skin stays younger and brighter for longer.

better complexion

6. Invest in a retinol cream

This brilliant wonder product has lots of vitamin A which will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and an uneven complexion. Retinol will increase your collagen, and this is what keeps skin tight and young. It will also help with your cell regeneration. You can get retinol prescribed by a medical professional; however, there are some great products on the high street too. Find one that works with your other products, and if you are happy with the results, you could talk to a dermatologist about a more potent formula.

better complexion

7. Establish a regular sleep pattern

Which is easier said than done with little people in the house! Your body likes a routine, and it needs a good nights sleep to repair itself. Experts say you should start preparing for bed at 9pm and be in bed ready to sleep no later than 10pm. This will give you the best quality sleep and will help your body function the way it is meant to. More sleep will help your skin cell production, and you will notice results within a few days.

better complexion

This is a collaborative post.

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