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travelling while pregnant

Whether you’re in the early stages of pregnancy or are about to pop, the chances are travelling while pregnant – especially long distances – is going to take its toll on you in some way physically.

So, how can you make travelling while pregnant as easy and hassle-free as possible?

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their first pregnancy shortly before embarking on a tour of Australia, midwife and founder of pregnancy and post natal skincare brand My Expert Midwife Lesley Gilchrist shares her top tips for travelling while pregnant.

7 top tips for travelling while pregnant

1. Invest in motion sickness bracelets. “When travelling, motion sickness bracelets, which work on acupressure points, may help with nausea and sickness, especially if you suffer from travel sickness too,” says Lesley, a mum of two and author of The Bump, Birth & Baby Bible.

2. Think ginger. “Early pregnancy can be a time of severe nausea for some women,” says Lesley. “If suffering, taking ginger infused products such as tea, crystalised ginger, fresh raw ginger or ginger biscuits can help. Some women also find the aroma of peppermint helps.”

travelling while pregnant

3. Wear compression socks if flying. “Compression stockings can help to support your legs and work to help to prevent blood clots, which are a risk of long-haul flights,” says Lesley. “When flying take regular walks up and down the aisle, circling ankles regularly and drink plenty of water on the flight.”

4. Stay hydrated. “Being dehydrated may make sickness worse, so carry plenty of water and take regular sips,” Lesley says.

travelling while pregnant

5. Be careful what you eat. “Local delicacies may need to be avoided, especially if you don’t know which ingredients are in it or how it has been prepared,” says Lesley. “Make sure that meat is well cooked, dairy products are pasteurised, and eggs are thoroughly cooked.”

6. Get plenty of rest. “In a different time zone jet lag will worsen the symptoms of nausea and tiredness,” says Lesley.

travelling while pregnant

7. Listen to your body. “As much as you may want to carry on as normal you should still listen to your body and respond to its cues; if you feel overly sick or tired you need to rest,” Lesley says.

Are you expecting and do you have a trip or holiday coming up? Did you travel when you were pregnant and do you have any tips for making journeys easier? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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