Aldi maternity dressAs a forces child I spent several years living in Germany, where our local supermarket was Aldi. I used to like going there because of the bins of totally non-supermarket and often pointless items, like watering cans in the shape of gnomes and solar sunflowers for the garden we didn’t have, which ran up the middle of the shop.

As of next week those UK bins are now going to contain a ‘capsule’ collection of maternity and baby clothes, and I’ve been sent a few by way of sneak preview. There are dresses (£11.99, pictured), leggings (£6), tops (£9.99) and even a nappy changing bag (£14.99).

The range is part of Aldi’s ‘specialbuys’ collection, which go in store every Thursday and Sunday and are only available while stocks last. It will be interesting to see how long these stocks last.

There’s no doubt that the maternity clothes I’ve got are good value for what they are, but I can’t say I was bowled over by the offering. The leggings, although comfy, do look cheap and I wouldn’t wear them anywhere other than at home, while the dress, which admittedly looks ok in the picture, clung to all the wrong places thanks to its 95% viscose content. It made me feel self-conscious rather than blooming, which in my opinion is the very least maternity clothes should do.

My favourite item has to be the top (also pictured), which as well as being a comfortable maternity top also doubles up as a nursing top. A drape of fabric at the front cleverly disguises a hole underneath, giving easy and immediate access to both boobs.

Aldi nursing top

Just don’t do what I did and wear it outside without a cardigan or coat on a windy day: passers-by will get more than they bargained for.