Pregnancy Week 32Week: 32

Waist: 38.5 inches (+0.5 inches)

Feeling: Crampy legged

I’m pleased to be able to report my craving for chicken soup now appears to have passed. In fact I don’t think I’ll be eating any for a very long time. Instead I’m eating and drinking other things it would never occur to me to consume normally, like squash (the liquid kind).

I’ve been ridiculously thirsty throughout the entire pregnancy, and lately I’ve really been fancying squash, which I haven’t drunk for years. So when the nice people at Vimto kindly sent me some samples of their new no added sugar Squeezy water enhancer they came at the perfect time.

You simply squeeze a shot into a glass of water (pictured), and you’ve got an instantly fruity drink in flavours including cherry and raspberry. I’ve been keeping one in my bag for when I’m out and about, and it’s come in handy for BB as well as me.

Vimto Squeezy

After a brief spell (most unlike me) I’m also quite into ice cream again, so in a bid to stick to dairy-free options I’ve been working my way through Booja-Booja’s offering (also pictured).

Booja-Booja ice cream

While there’s definitely no mistaking that this isn’t real ice cream – it’s nut based and does taste nutty – I have to say it’s the best free-from ice cream option I’ve come across. We’ve already eaten our way through the coconut (yummy) and hunky punky chocolate flavours (actual healthy chocolate – yay!) and I’m working myself up to the maple pecan and feisty rollercoastery ginger options.

So perhaps it’s no surprise my waist has increased by half an inch this week…