Chicco Next2me reviewAt just six weeks old Little B has outgrown the moses basket. Not that he slept in it much anyway, preferring to sleep in our bed spread-eagled between us. But while this would send him into a deep, peaceful sleep, it of course meant I slept terribly, worried one of us would roll onto him, accidently pull the duvet over him or that he would shimmy himself against one of the pillows in his sleep.

The health visitor advised putting him on my side of the bed rather than between us because as his mum I naturally sleep more lightly, but that’s hardly a long-term solution for the next few months when he’s too small to go into a cot in his own bedroom. So, after a bit of research, I think I’ve come up with the answer: a bedside crib (pictured).

There are lots on the market, some as much as a couple of hundred pounds, but we went for the cheapest, Chicco’s Next2Me (£149.99), given he will have outgrown it by six months old. Even Misery Guts, who was predictably sceptical about buying yet more paraphernalia, admits it’s a nifty bit of kit. (You can hire other brands through the NCT, but the waiting list was until the middle of January, so not much help).

Doubling up as a travel cot, the crib attaches to the side of the bed and has a drop down side so the baby thinks it’s sleeping with you, but is safely cocooned in its own bed. With adjustable height options you can level it with your mattress, and for us it’s been the perfect ‘safe’ co-sleeping solution. When Little B wakes in the night I simply pull him over for a feed, and then slide him back again.

The question is: will it really last the six months it claims?