Dolls house 1After a two-week Christmas and new year break (bet you didn’t even notice) we’re back. And while we might be surrounded by shiny new plastic toys from the likes of Disney, Peppa and Playmobil there is one Christmas present that stands out from the crowd: my old dolls house (pictured).

It’s doesn’t play music, flash or talk to you and there’s no brightly-coloured hypnotic branding in sight, yet at 30 years old it’s the new toy BB has played with the most and for the longest. It’s without a doubt the best Christmas present. 

My mum and dad completely refurbished it in time for the Big Christmas Unveiling, and it now boasts Tiffany-style lamps, a roll-top bath with a teeny tiny bar of soap and even a tiny picture of BB as a baby on the wall.

There’s a certain charm about a dolls house and everything being in miniature, and I have to admit to offering to put it away at bed time so I can have a tinker with it myself. There are no flies on BB either, who looks at me suspiciously in the morning and asks if I’ve played with it.

All I can think is: stick that in your pipe and smoke it Frozen.

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