Heck Fair & Square sausagesThat’s right, a squasage. Also known as a square sausage. That’s what gluten free sausage brand Heck have been busy making in time for the barbecue season, because it doesn’t fall through the rungs of the grill only to be burned to a crisp and lost forever, or roll off the side of the barbie onto the grass (pictured).

We haven’t dusted down our barbecue yet, so I’ve been eating mine between two soft and thick slices of (gluten free) bread. It may not look like a traditional sausage sandwich – as BB was fast to point out – but it tastes just the same and makes spreading the ketchup even easier.

When embarking on Project No Nasties last autumn I thought living free-from would also mean going without, but when it comes to sausages I’ve found an ever better offering than the standard shelves.

There’s debbie & andrew’s wheat, gluten and dairy free bangers (from £2.98), The Black Farmer’s gluten free offering (£2.78) and now Heck’s range (from the founders of debbie & andrew’s) which includes Chicken Italia with chicken, basil and tomatoes (£3.29) – just the job for a casserole – and the Fair & Square squasage (£2.99). I’ve even recently discovered that although not labelled free-from, Aldi’s bratwurst don’t contain any wheat or gluten either.

So for anyone with Coeliac Disease or generally looking to avoid the likes of gluten, wheat and dairy, when it comes to sausages it seems we can take our pick.