Elemis cellular recovery skin bliss capsules 1Four months, seven days and 10 hours: that’s how long it’s been since I last had a full nights’ sleep. And boy, is it starting to show. My skin is sallow, my contact lenses sting and I’ve got a muscle in my left hand eyebrow that just won’t stop twitching. Even worse, my hair is falling out – not a strand here and there, but fistfuls of the stuff.

Needing all the help I can get I’ve found a new secret weapon since having Little B: Elemis cellular recovery skin bliss capsules, which I would administer on a drip if I could. They’re fabulous. Tiny, but fabulous.

There are pink rose ones and green lavender ones – the pink are for day and the green are for night and both contain anti-ageing moringa oil to renew skin elasticity, plus a load of antioxidants.

You only get a tiny blob in each capsule, but that’s all you need. I actually prefer the green night ones – they’re so soothing and smell gorgeous – so I use them all up first before moving onto the pinkies.

You’re also supposed to use them daily but I find that a bit much – every two to three days is fine, but I guess it depends on your skin type. And they’re supposed to be used after cleansing and toning and before moisturising, but I find them so hydrating that I don’t bother with the moisturiser – the oil is enough on its own.

Of course beauty comes at a price – it’s £63 for 60 – but loads of spas and salons have offers and you’ll find them cheaper on eBay. I get them from my local salon which always has offers on gift boxes, where you get cleanser and moisturiser at the same time for a bargain. (Buy them from a salon, and you’ll also often walk out the door with samples of the latest this and that. You can’t beat a good sample).

I just hope they don’t discontinue them, which always seems to happen when I find a product I love (I’m still smarting about Mama Mio’s Clean Slate cleanser). Because even after all the broken nights and breastfeeding I’ll be a customer for life.

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