Week: 31This time last year I was seven months pregnant with Little B and still hadn’t bought one single baby item. I was too scared to buy anything for the baby in case something went wrong.

I wrote about it in a bid to explain how I was feeling and it seems so strange looking back on that post now, with Little B so big and bouncing next to me, which is why it’s my Flashback Friday offering this week.

Here’s what I wrote precisely 12 months ago (I can’t believe how big my belly was!):

Week: 31

Waist: 38 inches (+ 1 inch)

Feeling: Sore armed thanks to whooping cough vaccination (for baby, not me)

It might be September next week, but I’m still too scared to actually do anything to prepare for the baby’s arrival in case something goes wrong. I told myself I’d start a ‘to do’ list after we got back from holiday, but now that time has come I’m procrastinating.

It’s not even a lengthy list, but includes things that mean it could Really Be Happening like unpacking BB’s new born clothes, buying tiny nappies and packing a hospital bag. Things that really do need to get done, preferably before going into labour.

I haven’t bought one single thing for the new baby. I’ve looked, but fear handing over the cash and walking away with a shiny carrier bag of new born softness will spell disaster.

So with far too much thinking and not enough doing going on this weekend we’re digging out the garage to make space for what I’m hoping will be a sizable amount of outgrown toys and paraphernalia from BB’s bedroom, therefore making space for the baby (they’ll share a bedroom). When that’s done, then I’ll unpack the baby clothes and add new born nappies to the drawers.

Does this smack of yet more procrastination? Possibly. But the garage really could do with a clear out…

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