Pregnancy after multiple miscarriageIt’s been more than six weeks since I first announced we were expecting baby number two, and I think I’ve mentioned the pregnancy in a grand total of no posts. There is a very good reason for this: I daren’t. You see, there was more that went on in the crummy mummy household than met the eye in 2013 – two miscarriages in the space of six months to be exact.

While my fellow mummy bloggers have been excitedly charting the days and weeks of their latest pregnancies, I have been too terrified to contemplate next week, never mind next month, praying that this time nothing will go wrong. Instead I have been quietly ticking off each day, and silently congratulating myself on each week.

It’s been the longest four months of my life.

But next week we will reach a milestone: 20 weeks, or half way there. And the little hands and feet starting to nudge me are finally giving me the confidence to record the experience. It looks like I might really become a mummy again.

I have no wish to write about the miscarriages, but what I thought would be useful is to blog about what it’s like becoming pregnant again after multiple pregnancy loss, for anyone who is having, or has had, a similar experience.

Of course I know this won’t interest all of you, so as well as my homepage, where all posts are automatically published, I will publish these posts in a separate page at the top of my blog, sometimes with links to relevant and helpful websites.

If this helps just one person, then great. If not, I hope you enjoy reading them anyway.