Welcoming a new foster child into your home is exciting.

You might be keen to show them all of the local attractions, tell them everything about your household and to introduce them to your extended family.

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However, doing too much too soon can be a mistake. Moving in with a new family can be overwhelming and confusing for a child. So, you should take things slowly while they are settling in.

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The good news is there are plenty of fun activities that you can enjoy that will help you to bond with the new member of your family, without overwhelming or scaring them. In this collaborative post here’s a look at some of the best.

Fun activities to enjoy with a new foster child

Head to the park

If there’s a playground near your home, this can be the ideal activity for children of any age. Too much time in the house can lead to cabin fever and may make them feel uncomfortable and pressured. Getting out, even for a short time, is a great idea. Play in the playground, take a ball to the park, and go for a short walk around. Get advice from a fostering Essex agency if you need any help.

Enjoy home movie days

Home movie days are easy, cheap and a lovely way to spend time together without any pressure. You’ll have a chance to bond while sharing your favourite movies and cinema snacks, and you’ll spend time together without feeling as though you are forced into an uncomfortable conversation.

If you have other children, you could make a movie afternoon or evening a regular occurrence, taking it in turns to choose the films and snacks to secure bonds and make everyone feel included.

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There are so many advantages to baking with kids. It’s a fun activity and a great way to bond but it’s also a way to teach children an important skill, help them build a positive relationship with food and to create a shared interest.

Simple bakes like gingerbread and cupcakes are ideal for younger children, or kids who have never baked, but as they become more confident it’s okay to introduce more detailed recipes and even cook full meals together.

Play board games

Board games are good fun, but they are also a way to give a child your attention and time, without overwhelming them. Look in charity shops and online for second-hand classic board games which are perfect to play on a rainy afternoon.

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Video games

Video gaming is an excellent way to welcome a new child into your family while having some fun together doing something that they enjoy. Ask them about their favourite games, and try to give them a chance, even if you haven’t played video games for years.


Creative hobbies are good fun, and they are also an excellent way to reduce stress. Crafts can give children a productive outlet for any negativity or anger that they might be feeling. Collages, painting, making scrapbooks and sewing are all great places to start.

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When it comes to having fun with a new foster child, it’s important to take things slowly, and make sure they are comfortable. Try to stay away from crowded or noisy places until they are more settled.

This is a collaborative post.

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