Posh hotel rooms, cars to whisk you from A to B and hair and make-up artists transforming you from a knackered mum into someone you don’t quite recognise: I’ve had a taste of how the other half live.

I’m writing this after appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to talk about pushchairs and wheelchairs on buses and the problems facing passengers with wheels.

My Good Morning Britain TV debut

The Supreme Court is due to rule whether wheelchair users should take priority over parents with buggies, and I was invited onto the show after I wrote this post on wheelchairs vs buggies and the big bus debate.

I travel on buses with a buggy every day so it’s something I know rather a lot about – the waiting at bus stops when you’re not allowed on, the difficulty of folding a pushchair when you’re loaded down with a baby, shopping and another child (not to mention being pregnant) and the tutting of passengers – although to be honest it’s a subject I sometimes wish I hadn’t touched on.

My post proved rather controversial – I was trolled on Twitter, mainly by people who hadn’t actually read it, only other people’s responses to it – and readers started up their own arguments between themselves too. Basically I opened a right can of worms.

So I was slightly dreading what the result of going on live TV to talk about it was going to be (and I was determined not to make the same mistakes I did last time I was on This Morning).

Would I get a grilling from Piers Morgan? What would Susanna Reid be like? And would it prove to be a Good Morning or a Very Bad one?

My Good Morning Britain debut

Luckily it tuned out to be a Good Morning. Although Piers Morgan clearly hates pushchairs I escaped relatively unscathed, and Susanna wasn’t as fiery as I thought she might be. It was a good debate raising an important issue, and I’m pleased ITV saw fit to give it air time.

You can watch the clip here.

It was also like stepping into a different world – one with celebrities everywhere you look (Sir Trevor McDonald was in the green room), make up artists and hair stylists literally working magic and chauffeur driven cars to take you from door to door.

Yes, I could definitely get used to being on TV.

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