Heart murmurNot only was Little B diagnosed with tongue tie on the day he was born, the paediatrician also discovered a heart murmur. This was found at his paediatric check, which took place when he was just a few hours old because we were on a six hour discharge from the hospital.

I wasn’t overly concerned: he has a good colour, has put on a whole 2lbs since he was born almost three weeks ago and doesn’t look like there might be something wrong with him. Apparently a heart murmur isn’t unusual in really newborn babies after their circulation switches from running on the inside to functioning on the outside, and we were told that had the paediatric check taken place the following day they may not have detected anything at all.

Even so, the finding meant an appointment with a specialist at the children’s hospital was looming over us for first couple of weeks. I’m pleased to say they found nothing at all, and I was surprised at how relieved I was when the verdict was delivered.

Having also been discharged from the care of the midwives this week, I’m hoping that’s our last medical-related appointment for the time being…