Tongue tie solvedAt 13 days old Little B’s tongue tie has finally been sorted out. I’m not normally squeamish, but when the nurse brandished a pair of shears scissors to make the snip at the base of his tongue I nearly passed out. And I’m not joking.

Admittedly the room was hot – stiflingly hot as only ante natal units are – and I was already feeling a little light headed because it was way past lunchtime owing to the fact they were ‘running behind’. But even so, after reading somewhere that they take the baby away to cut the tongue tie, I didn’t expect to have to hold him down while they actually did it.

The poor little mite was swaddled in a blanket so his hands couldn’t get in the way, laid on a hospital bed with a bright light aimed at his face and then out came these huge scissors to do the deed. It was over in a matter of seconds.

There was a little blood and a lot of screaming, but he soon settled down and numerous feeds later I can already feel the difference. He can open his mouth so much wider and feeding is so much more comfortable (pictured).

So hopefully that’s that. Unless, of course, the little lip of skin decides to grow back…